How to Quickly Fix the Two Marketing Mistakes that are Hurting Your Business and Costing You Referrals | Aaron Walker, Business Coach and Mastermind Facilitator

Our guest on this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show is Best-Selling Author, President & Founder of the View From The Top Mastermind Group, Aaron Walker (Big A). Aaron built EIGHT successful businesses. He was a retired businessman but couldn’t stay away. View From the Top: ISI is an exclusive mastermind group for men looking to level up their business and life success. It’s not easy to build a business from the ground up but Aaron’s figured out the secret sauce to reaching success. He’s sharing the two marketing strategies that transformed his business. Don’t miss the two marketing mistakes hurting your business, costing you referrals, and how to fix them quickly on this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show!

The growth-mindset is stairsteps, a journey to success. I don’t start any business without allocating a 2-year zero return. Success takes patience and consistency, it will pay off.


Referrals 101


Aaron knows we love a good story at authenticWEB and he shared his very own.

Here’s how Aaron created his EIGHTH business:

Eight years ago, Aaron was ready to retire. He had seven successful businesses under his belt, so we can’t blame him. However, his colleagues didn’t feel the same way. Dave Ramsy, Ken Abraham, and Dan Miller said he was nuts for retiring and prompted him to start coaching other entrepreneurs. Presto! Now, Aaron is the leading life coach for his exclusive mastermind group.

His biggest advice is to understand the importance of referrals. He says do your due diligence, research, and homework on someone before you hire them. If you’re looking to be hired, how are your referrals? Referrals are crucial for reaching the top of the marketing game. The personal connection through referrals is priceless.

Aaron did warn us about the rabbit hole of referrals. Aaron recently redid his LinkedIn profile. His profile was all about who he knows, instead of showing potential prospects how he transformed his client’s lives. Nobody cares about who you know. What can you do for them? It’s an obvious concept, but we don’t realize we naturally show off our connections. It’s not about who you know, it’s what you know.


Top Two Marketing Strategies You Didn’t Know  


  • Podcasts

Did you know Aaron’s podcast LIT UP his business? A podcast is the BEST way to get referrals and have potential prospects get to know you and your success. Aaron’s podcast interviews are 85% of his marketing. Aaron said he now does 200 podcasts a year!

  • Videos

When Aaron started creating personalized videos for his clients, his referrals, results, and success LIT UP. With video, you build relationships with potential prospects because it’s authentic. Many marketers miss the relationship building aspect of marketing. The universal solution that triggered Aaron and mastermind members success is consistency and relationship building.

We’ve given you a sneak peek into Aaron’s secrets to success, tune in to taste the secret sauce for creating a successful business!

For more information about breaking through the ceiling and finding your authenticity read, Aaron Walker’s book, The Mastermind Blueprint: Building a Rich Life


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