The ONE HUUUUGE Mistake You’re Making on LinkedIn with Recovering Attorney and Former White House Speech Writer, John Corcoran

On this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, we have a former attorney, John Corcoran who is now the Co-Founder of Rise25, LLC, a company that specializes in done-for-you lead generation, media content, and VIP events. Rise25 helps conference organizers and software companies increase engagement, revenues, and referrals by curating their highest level attendees and users in a collaborative environment.

John realized early in his career how talented he was at building relationships with the right people. His only downfall was that he kept losing arguments in meetings with attorneys. Naturally, John felt the only way to fix this was to receive his law degree. He never intended to leave the legal field, however, he needed daily engagement. His superhero talent at building relationships booked him a job at the White House to write speeches for Bill Clinton. Wow, John, law, politics, AND now, marketing? Were you valedictorian of your class, too? We’re sharing all of John’s secrets on this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show.

Business icons didn’t sit back after building their brand hoping people will follow. The creators of Airbnb knocked on doors of vacation rentals with their website on an iPad. They signed up prospects at their doorstep. That’s the market hustle and engaging proactively is the first step.

Social Networking Channels are NOT Traditional Media Channels

Employing social media strategies to your marketing is a great way to connect with past acquaintances, friends, and even enemies who catch themselves needing a helping hand from your industry. With this said, social media networking channels – LinkedIn – is NOT a traditional media channel. LinkedIn is NOT for finding friends. However, LinkedIn does give you the ability to share your authority in your industry and reach out to other business leaders and potential prospects you want to connect with. Although, Facebook and LinkedIn have the same features – video, articles, pictures, etc. they are not used for the same purpose.

Did you know LinkedIn has 300 million active users every month? LinkedIn’s active users have tripled from what it was a year ago. There are 600 million registered users RIGHT NOW. Imagine if you had 30,000 of your ideal connections…this can be your reality.

LinkedIn is the best platform for reaching out to the people you want to work with.

Starting a Conversation with Your Ideal Prospects

The NUMBER ONE tip John shares is to use LinkedIn proactively, rather than reactively. Proactively is searching and engaging with your specific industry niche. These are the high-level industry guru’s. Or if you’re already an elite entrepreneur you can start a conversation with your ideal prospects by engaging proactively. LinkedIn gives you the right tools to start a conversation. Lead your conversation with a give and you’re guaranteed to receive a response.

What are you waiting for? Start connecting with your IDEAL prospects and ELITE connections… before you press connect learn how to lead with a give and the ONE tip for connecting on LinkedIn with John on this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show!

Key Points:

  • How to lead with a give
  • The biggest mistake independent and small firm lawyers make
  • How to get 30,000 of your ideal connections on LinkedIn
  • Why your LinkedIn messages are getting ignored
  • The #1 marketing technique he used to grow his business

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