How to Use Improv to Improve Your Stories

For this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Ian sits down with Mike Ganino to talk about the importance of using public speaking and storytelling to better your business. 

For over 20 years, Mike has worked with an array of companies ranging from the tech sector to the restaurant industry and has helped them craft compelling stories that create results. He is passionate about connecting with businesses and individuals and identifying their strengths and talents. His vision has helped thousands of companies find their voice through his consulting, seminars, and his podcast. In the episode, Ian and Mike cover all you need to know about mastering storytelling techniques, including:  


How To Pinpoint The Right Story 

In order to hook your audience, you need to identify which angle will help you succeed the best. Mike used the example of his experience living in California and the recent ban of straws in restaurants and coffee shops. He noted that environmentalists have been trying to eliminate plastic use in coffee shops and restaurants for years with no serious results. So, why did a big change occur only recently? He notes that the issue captivated people when they turned the conversation toward highlighting the story of the endangered sea turtle. This angle resonated with audiences and caused change to happen. The key is to find the story that will connect best with your intended audience. 


Make It Less About You

With his decades of experience, Mike has found that businesses unfortunately do not focus enough on their audience. It seems strange, but he said that companies tend to spend too much time talking about themselves instead. If you are making your pitch about you, then you’re likely not connecting with the consumer. Mike has seen people time after time make their product too much about them and, in turn, lose their message entirely. He recommends that when you switch the spotlight, you see results. The end goal is to identify what they want. Not what you do. 


Identifying Where Your Customers Are In Their Journey 

If you do not know where your customer started from, then how are you going to get them where they need to go? Your stories must meet your customers where they are in their journey in order to drive serious results. The best way to sell your story is to brainstorm ways 


We Don’t Speak Like We Write

A powerful tip that Mike has shared is that we rarely speak how we write and so it would then be counterproductive to read straight from a typed speech. He recommends opening up the microphone on your phone and recording yourself talking. Make yourself comfortable with your own spoken language and even try practicing in front of friends or family members. When you practice this way, you develop improvisational skills that will help you relate to your audience and feel more natural on stage. 

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