The 4 Content Hacks You Need for 2022 with Steve Pockross from Verblio

Blog posting can be difficult if you don’t know where to start…


But in my latest episode, I was able to get insider information from my friend, the C.E.O and Founder of Verblio, Steve Pockross on the 4 content hacks you need to apply this 2022 if you want to win the SEO game.



Mid-Form Authoritative Writing


Many call it “Long-form”, but we like to call it Mid-Form. 


This type of content ranges around 300 words, having about 5 paragraphs.


It includes information from authorities that help make the blog more credible.


This is a great way to be straight to the point and to provide credible information to your readers to increase their chances of being converted.


Enter Different Marketing Channels


Instead of just executing your marketing in one form, try to explore newer channels.


A great example of this is converting your written content into short video content to help draw more customers who prefer watching video content over reading.


Because of this, it pays off to be the first mover on the latest channels. 




TIME makes the difference…


People are likely to be drawn toward brands that have been around longer than the new ones..


Reuse and Refresh


The concept behind this is simple…


As you post more and more content out there, there is a hundred percent certainty that a few of those would grab your consumers’ attention.


Reusing these content and making a few 30 to 40% improvements on them is a great way to boost the quality of an already trending type of content.


Saves you the time and energy trying to think about the next best thing, don’t you think?


Building a Whole New Business through Content


Now, this may sound a little bit sneaky, but I just can’t help but share this with you…


Already existing businesses create a whole new stream of income with the help of a tool called Verblio!


It is an online marketplace for writers and entrepreneurs to search for the perfect writer to create the perfect content.


One coaching company for example uses Verblio to create content that they then sell to their clients.


Another example is a publisher that creates articles to get display ad revenue.


And yes, you guessed it…


They used Verblio to write the articles for them.


And you can do the same…


Visit their website to get started.


If you hadn’t had enough of this blog, you can watch the whole podcast episode where Steve shared immense value that we could use RIGHT AWAY.


Watch the episode now.


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