Chris Goegan on Creating Michael Gerber’s Marketing Strategy

What if I tell you that being an Engineer has so much to do with marketing?


Yes, they may seem like two entirely different industries…


But Chris Geogan who once worked as an Engineer is now nailing it in the marketing industry. 


Thanks to his engineering fundamentals, to the point that he got to work with industry leaders and million-dollar companies.


And he was kind enough to share his recommended foundations and tips that he uses himself on my latest podcast episode.



Aim small to win BIG


Intuitively, as marketers begin their testing process, it would make sense to them to go for a slightly wide targeting to avoid missing out on potential conversions.


But that is something that Chris totally disagrees with…


Instead, he believes in being as detailed as possible in targeting potential customers.


Just as they say “if you aim for the moon, you might end up hitting the stars”


Chris aims to hit the center-most part of the target by doing intensive research before the testing phase.


From there, he makes adjustments and runs new campaigns until he hits it right at the bulls-eye.


This is where most marketers fail…..


It would be awesome to have overnight success with whatever you do.


In fact, if you do find overnight marketing success, please tell me! 


Cause I have so many questions to ask..


But as far as Chris and I know, nothing like such exists….


Having the mindset of overnight success or even quick results is likely to lead your business six-feet underground.


It builds false expectations that lead to disappointment.


And trust me when I say this: EVEN SO-CALLED EXPERTS FALL FOR THIS TRAP…


So… What do you do?


Chris has given us a beautiful story to get his point across…


It involved him joining tons of Ironman competitions in his lifetime.


As he was preparing for his competition, his coach would always tell him…


“You’re gonna hit some dark spots”


Dark spots, meaning moments when you feel unsure of what to do and whether you should keep going or not.


But the important thing to remember is to just keep shuffling forward no matter what happens.


Eventually, you will get out of that dark spot and gain clarity in your direction.


This analogy also applies in marketing…


If you keep on expecting quick results, it would be easy for you to be discouraged by these dark spots, leading you to quit.


But as long as you understand that marketing is not a short-term game, then you have a really good chance of succeeding at it.


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