THE AD GIRLS’ 6X PROCESS: Increase Online Course Sales Quickly 600% using Facebook and Instagram Ads with Jennifer Spivak

Running an online course is a really easy and low-cost way of generating money online.


Yes, you may be sitting in a pot of gold, but you gotta admit that it can be really exhausting to execute.


You have scripts, videos, live launches, and a lot of things to think about behind the scenes, making it a not-so-sexy process.


And until you get the right team to work with you, you’d be dead by the end of the whole launch.


But in this story, The Ad Girls CEO, Jennifer Spivak shares with us a case study of how her woman-powered agency not only helped an influencer from being dead-tired but also generated a 6X ROAS consistently in just 2 months through Instagram and Facebook ads.





The process wasn’t difficult, to begin with, because the product itself has already been validated.


The client’s course on “How to be an Influencer” was already running even before working with the Ad Girls.


That is why to start off, all they had to do was copy the original funnel that had already been executed and run ads on that.


But of course, that was just STEP 1.




The next objective was to get the ads running properly.


So a lot of testing was done just to get the best audience, creatives, and platforms working.


By the end of this phase, they were able to hit a ROAS of 1X.


This was enough to know that they were heading in the right direction, but it just wasn’t enough…




Based on data, tons of sign-ups were made. But down the funnel, only a few of them converted.


This made the whole team think about where they went wrong.


Until one of them realized that perhaps, they were wearing their marketing hats too tightly.


So they tried to look at it through a human being’s lens.


They like to call this process Human Analysis.


In this process, they started asking more qualitative questions over quantitative ones. 


Asking questions like…


“If I were in my customer’s shoes…”

“Did I put together the right words that matter to my customers,” etc.


Through this lens, they were able to identify that a lot of their leads might have had the wrong idea about the whole course.




They had to do something about changing the message of the campaign.


So instead of putting out the “How to Be an Influencer” message, they switched it to “Landing Brand Deals as an Influencer”.


Although this may have increased the cost per lead by a little bit, this lured in higher quality leads that eventually ended up being converted compared to the original message.




Besides changing the message, they also built a longer nurturing sequence from just 3 days to 7 days.


Since the ads are hitting the colder audience, 3 days wasn’t enough time to convince them to convert.


By adding 4 more days to nurture them, it allowed more conversions by the end of it.




FINALLY! After a lot of tweaks and strategizing, they were able to generate a CONSISTENT 6X ROAS in just 2 months!


That is an impressive amount of growth starting for nothing.


And who knows? It might get even higher through time.


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