Co-Branding Strategy Example: How Michael Brevik Hit Two Brands with One Stone, Including Milwaukee Tools

When you’re passionate about something, you will always find ways to connect the dots that open more opportunities.


This is what happened with Michael Brevik as he got to run a co-branding campaign for Milwaukee Tools and Janus Motors.



If you’re a branding strategist or just a brand owner in general, this episode is for you.


Because in the latest episode of The Garlic Marketing Show, you will discover the out-of-the-box mindset of Michael Brevik that allowed him to open doors of opportunity not only for himself but also for the brands that he handled.


In this story, you will discover…


  • Why Keeping a Wide Eye Opens Marketing Opportunities
  • Why Preparation is More Crucial Than The Battle
  • What Zoom Meetings Could Never Replicate


So keep an open mind and maybe you might open more doors of opportunity for yourself too.


Step back and Keep a Bird’s Eye-View…


It’s pretty obvious that whenever you step in too close to something, you will tend to miss out on what’s around you.


That is why sometimes, it is best to just take a few steps back so that you could still keep track of other things within your peripherals.


Michael was able to practice this so well at the time when he only worked with Milwaukee Tools.


He could have only focused on Milwaukee Tools, but he chose to have his eyes wide which had opened another opportunity for him and Milwaukee.


One day as he was talking to Dave Courier, one of the sponsored athletes of an event by Milwaukee Tools.

Bringing up the topic of Janus Motors, he realized the opportunities that working with them would open.


Idea after idea formed as the conversation went on until he finally decided that HE WANTED TO MAKE IT WORK.


He waited no longer and took action…


“So that next Monday, in the morning. I pretty much reached out to them and kind of fell on my sword and explained the situation that– 


‘Hey, this is Mike from cyber dogs. I’m representing Milwaukee Tools at the moment. Here’s my question. I’m wondering if you guys would be interested in such things,’ and it took a couple, two, three conversations to kind of explain to them who I am and what my role was and all this. But once they kind of understood where I was going with it, they loved the idea.'” 


Preparation is Key…


Michael was extremely excited when he found that Janus Motors wanted to hear more about his plan…


Days before their official meet-up, Michael’s creativity wouldn’t stop bothering him. 


“In this scenario, it came from more of a personal enjoyment place, just cause I love this stuff. I was already a fan of Janus and I’ve got the connection to Milwaukee.”


So day and night, his plans started building on top of each other and Janus did not hesitate to proceed as soon as he had the opportunity to present his plans.


Nothing Beats The Face-To-Face Experience


After being approved, Michael flew straight to meet up with Janus. 


And he did this for a specific reason…


“There’s something about shaking a hand and getting to know these people that you just inherently get more out of, whether it’s a quick conversation over lunch or whatever it is, like, it adds so much to the equation.


And in the case of Janus– if you look at their website, you look at them on social media, you’re going to see pretty quickly that these bikes are fantastic. I can tell you firsthand or even better in person, they look cool in photos, but when you stand and sit on one and whatever, it’s like, “Okay, this is way cooler than I even imagined.’”


Doing this helped him better understand what Janus was all about, and in turn, helped him develop his campaigns further.


The Story Hasn’t Ended…


As of the moment, they are still in the production phase of the campaign.


But personally, I am thrilled to see the end result of Michael’s BIG PLAN.


If you want to keep updated on the outcome, visit the website.


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