One Timeless Technique to Change Your SEO Game with Rebekah Edwards of Clara

It’s everywhere. SEO IS DEAD. That’s what everyone is saying.


But according to Rebekah Edwards, SEO morphs and evolves, but is never dead.


Rebekah is the CEO of Clara Agency, an agency that specializes in SEO.



In this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Rebekah highlights one specific SEO technique that changes the game for her and her clients.


As you read through, you will:

  • Understand the importance of storytelling
  • Find out where most SEO experts mess up
  • Discover how you could integrate storytelling into your SEO content


The Story of Storytelling


Ever since the beginning of time, human beings have used storytelling as an essential aspect of survival.


Stories have been told to spread moral values, hunting techniques, history, and much more.


You can see these stories in inscriptions in caves and even in the Holy Bible.


Human beings have always been hard-wired to be hooked into stories. 


And that hasn’t changed.


SEO Done Wrong


Have you ever heard of the Skyscraper Content?


In case you haven’t, let me summarize:


A few years ago, SEO began to morph (Again).


Newer techniques arose and one of them is called the Skyscraper Content which was introduced by Brian Dean.


In this concept, an SEO needed to do only THREE steps to win the SEO game.

  1. Find existing content in the industry
  2. Create better content 
  3. Promote your content


Basically, it requires you to find already existing content and build on top of that.






But now, everyone does it.


Now that everyone does it, how in the world do you stand out?


What Works in SEO Now




On top of writing better content, for you to stand out, YOU HAVE TO WRITE STORIES.


Nowadays, Google is over-promoting the same types of content over and over again.


Google wants something different.




And the only way to do so is to include stories in your SEO content.


Because chances are, you will never be telling the same story as your neighboring content.


So use what you’ve learned from this episode on your SEO journey.


Watch the full episode now, and make sure to leave any questions or comments you have about the episode.


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