How to Write a Book That Makes a Difference and People Share with AJ Harper

Have you started writing that book yet?


If not, don’t type a single word until you’ve read this.


If you have already started, HOLD ON for a while.



Because on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, AJ Harper, the author of ‘Write A Must Read’ reveals 3 things that you should know as an author.


You should take notes because you will DISCOVER:

  • The right way to conclude your book
  • How to get the perfect story to get your points across
  • How to make the best decision for marketing your book


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In the last part of every marketing campaign, it is always a good idea to include a call to action to guide your audience.


But this also applies to writing books.


As you conclude your books, including a ‘Call to Greatness’ is A MUST.


That’s because you want to get your readers to take action on what they’ve learned from reading your book by inspiring them.


And the best way to inspire them is by giving them one last story.


“You need a story that really brings that spirit out and can stir people to see, ‘Wow, I started this book wanting this thing, but now I can do it and I couldn’t even imagine the possibilities.’”


And to harness that story for that portion of your book, or any portion of your book at all, you need to know…




Stories are important.


If you’ve been tuned into the Garlic Marketing Show for a while, you know how much I emphasize STORIES.


That’s because telling stories is the easiest and most effective way to sell ideas.


But how do you get these stories?


The number one place to check is YOUR OWN LIFE EXPERIENCES.


Certainly, writing your book may be connected to a personal life experience that prompted you to do something about it.


But of course, there may be blanks to fill in– stories that you would need to look around for.

Friends and professionals are also great sources.


But to be able to tell their story, you need to immerse yourself.


So how do you immerse yourself?


Conduct an INTERVIEW.


No, this isn’t sending them a sheet of questions for them to answer.


“We can’t tell the story we wanna tell, unless we get on the phone or Zoom call with someone, or in person to really get the details of their story.


And over the course of my career, I’ve probably interviewed more than a thousand people.“


I’m talking about being there in the interview and guiding them through a conversation-like process.


Trust me, the difference would surprise you.


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You can download the file now!




Of course, what’s the point of writing a book if you don’t spread the word, right?


Just like what my friend Alex Strathdee would say:

“If you spent a thousand hours writing your book, you need to spend a thousand hours marketing it.”


So there are two ways to do that: SELF-PUBLISHING and USING A PUBLISHER.


Which one should you go for?


It’s all about your priorities and resources.


If you’re a first-timer who still hasn’t built your name in the market and is trying to build that credibility, the best way for you to go is by using a publisher.


Because they’re going to help you get your name out there as they vouch for your credibility as an author.


However, if you’ve already written a couple of best-sellers where readers could recognize you, it wouldn’t be a problem doing self-publishing.


But of course, marketing efforts will solely be on you.


AJ was amazing in this episode, and I believe that you will pick up a TON of value from her.


So I suggest that you watch the full episode, and make sure to leave any questions or comments you have about the episode.


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