The Secret to Charging 3x Consulting Fees with Mandi Ellefson of Hands Off CEO

Scaling a Consulting Business: Unlocking Success with Mandi Ellefson

In this episode, we are joined by the brilliant Mandi Ellefson, founder of Hands-Off CEO and author of the renowned book, “Hands-Off CEO.” Mandi is here to share her expertise on scaling a consulting business and how to achieve sustainable growth while maintaining a high quality of work and personal life. Get ready for an enlightening discussion that challenges the traditional scaling model and dives into the power of offering exceptional services and attracting the right clients.


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Victims of Success: How Mandi Ellefson Helps Companies Break Free

Are you a victim of your success? Mandi Ellefson specializes in assisting companies that find themselves struggling to grow while sacrificing their CEO’s personal life and the quality of their work. Through her work, she has witnessed how success can become a double-edged sword. Discover how Mandi’s unique approach helps companies overcome this hurdle and achieve scalable growth without compromising their core values.


Unleashing the Potential of Complex Services

When it comes to scaling, companies with complex services often face unique challenges. Technical and marketing services require a different approach than more straightforward business models. Mandi Ellefson understands these complexities and offers a fresh perspective on scaling these types of businesses. Learn how she turns the traditional scaling model on its head and places a strong emphasis on the value of the offer and outcome for the client.


The Power of Case Stories: Attracting the Right Clients

Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool, and Mandi Ellefson harnesses its potential to attract the ideal clients for her consulting agency. By sharing compelling case stories, she appeals to clients who value exceptional and high-value services. Discover how Mandi’s storytelling approach helps her identify and attract the perfect clients who appreciate the exceptional work her agency provides.


Disqualifying to Succeed: The Importance of Minimum Standards

In a world where businesses often chase every potential client, Mandi Ellefson advises a different approach. Instead of begging clients to work with you, she emphasizes the importance of having a minimum standard and disqualifies potential clients who don’t align with your values or vision. Find out how this strategy allows companies to focus on delivering their best work to clients who truly appreciate it.

Mandi Ellefson’s insights into scaling a consulting business are eye-opening and challenge conventional wisdom. Her focus on delivering exceptional services, attracting the right clients, and setting minimum standards can revolutionize how businesses approach growth. Mandi Ellefson’s expertise is a must-listen if you want to thrive without sacrificing your personal life or compromising on quality. Tune in and be prepared to transform your consulting agency.

To learn more about Mandi Ellefson’s methodology and gain practical advice on tripling your fees and scaling your consulting agency, check out her book, “The Hands-Off CEO: Triple Your Fees and Profitably Scale an Exceptional Consulting Agency that Grows Without You.” It provides invaluable insights and a consulting agency scalability checklist for those seeking to achieve sustainable growth without compromising quality and value. And don’t forget to connect with Mandi on LinkedIn, her preferred social media platform, to stay updated on her latest insights and expertise.


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