Growing an 8 Figure Digital Agency Using YouTube Kasim Aslam of Solutions 8

Unraveling the YouTube Genius of Solutions Eight


The Garlic Marketing Show proudly hosted an exemplary figure from the digital marketing realm: a genius marketer, Kasim Aslam, CEO of Solutions 8, Co-Founder of, and a Co-Host of Perpetual Traffic Podcast. With a staggering monthly ad spend of $200,000 on YouTube for his company, Solutions 8, he revealed how YouTube had become his go-to lead acquisition strategy, leaving other platforms in the dust. Prepare to be enthralled as we explore the key insights and SEO key points shared by this marketing virtuoso, ensuring you stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


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The Shift to YouTube


For many, Google Ads has been the go-to platform for marketing. But for our guests, the rising costs and complexities in capturing prospects prompted a strategic shift. YouTube now reigns supreme in his arsenal, leaving other strategies far behind. It’s not just about the shift; it’s about the why. The allure of YouTube lies in its rich data, often surpassing even Facebook’s insights.


Quality Over Quantity: The Content Philosophy


If you wouldn’t pay to showcase your content to your ideal customer, you probably don’t believe in its potency. This rings true for our marketing maven, who champions value-driven content over plain ads. This distinction is crucial on YouTube—a space teeming with users seeking attention, information, and even escapism. Here, traditional ads can often be off-putting, feeling too intrusive or insincere.


Case Stories: The Cornerstone of Connection


In the world of marketing, it’s not enough to just capture attention; one must build genuine connections. And how better to do this than through case stories? These tales aren’t just engaging narratives; they’re potent tools that handle objections, build trust, and pave the way for deeper relationships. By merging facts with feelings, case stories often lead to organic lifts, making them invaluable for remarketing.


The Brand Investment Paradigm


While the immediate returns from YouTube ads might be challenging to quantify, our guest is a firm believer in long-term brand equity. Emotionally resonant content, especially those making viewers remember faces or evoke specific feelings, can lead to significant dividends over time. This perspective challenges the ROI-driven short-sightedness that some marketers might harbor.


YouTube vs. Websites: The Debate


Costa, our guest, brought up a paradigm-shifting viewpoint: the benefits of a YouTube-first strategy over a website-first one. The average user finds comfort and contentment within the confines of YouTube. Thus, Costa advises against pulling them away. Instead, content should be crafted to keep viewers engaged within the app, maximizing retention.


The Personal Brand Factor


Beyond corporate branding lies the domain of personal branding. Costa underscored the human aspect of business, reminding us that people buy from people. He highlighted the success of his book, “You Versus Google,” which he adeptly promoted on YouTube, employing strategies like the 99-cent sale to catapult its Amazon ranking.


Journey to $200,000 on YouTube Ads


From his first steps to the mammoth $200,000 monthly spend, our guest’s journey has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. Emphasizing the importance of understanding the number of touches needed to convert on YouTube, he attributed much of his success to organic strategies, particularly for his book promotion.

The speaker’s dedication to YouTube marketing is evident in every facet of his strategy. From his link tree that showcases his diverse projects to his feature on the Perpetual Traffic podcast amassing 300,000 monthly downloads, his achievements are a testament to the platform’s potential. By embracing YouTube’s vast ecosystem, understanding its intricacies, and leveraging content optimally, marketers can unlock unprecedented success.


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