Invisible PPC Formula for Success (And the One Industry That Should Never Do PPC) with Justin Rondeau

Unlocking PPC Success: Insights from Justin Rondeau


Justin Rondeau, a marketer extraordinaire, martech enthusiast, and Co-Owner & President of InvisiblePPC, delves deep into the world of Google PPC. With a career spanning 14 years and having been associated with big names like Template Zone, Which Test Won, and Digital Marketer, Rondeau is a treasure trove of PPC knowledge.



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The Magic of PPC: Justin’s Journey


Rondeau’s love for PPC is evident. What captivates him about this digital marketing avenue is its immediacy and control. He believes that PPC shines when promoting products or services that address a pressing need. But, as he wisely points out, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.


The Businesses Best Suited for PPC


PPC is a potent tool for businesses that provide solutions for immediate needs. However, for businesses with long-term sales cycles or those that cater to an audience not aware of specific problems or solutions, PPC might not be the right choice. Interestingly, agencies, especially digital ones, often find themselves at odds with making PPC work for them.


The FORMULA for Ultimate PPC Success


Daily Search Term Analysis: Keep a pulse on what your audience is searching for and adjust accordingly.

Negative Keyword Management: Avoid wastage by ensuring irrelevant terms don’t trigger your ads.

Proper Data Setup: Harness the power of data. Ensure you’re tracking the right metrics, and your setup aligns with your goals.


The Unsexy Essentials of Campaign Success


While the thrill of setting up a campaign can be intoxicating, Rondeau emphasizes that success often lies in doing “the unsexy stuff.” This includes refining negative keywords and focusing on producing quality content.


SaaS & PPC: A Tricky Affair


The challenge with SaaS companies is their prolonged sales cycles, making PPC a tricky ground to navigate. Rondeau’s stern advice to SaaS businesses contemplating Performance Max campaigns: you might just be “lighting $100,000 on fire.”


The Dirty Truth About Attribution


In the digital age, attribution seems to be the golden ticket. But is it? According to Rondeau, relying heavily on attribution is akin to chasing a mirage. It’s the patterns in data over time that hold the true story, not individual touchpoints.


Agencies & The PPC Puzzle


One of the key takeaways from the episode was why digital agencies often falter with Google Ads. The underlying reason? Relying on wrong metrics and staying distant from the conversion action. To really see a difference, agencies need to adopt a double funnel for retargeting, driving specific traffic, and then honing in on a subset for conversion.


The Future of PPC


As businesses grapple with the ever-evolving digital landscape, PPC remains a powerful tool in the arsenal. With insights like those from Justin Rondeau, businesses can better navigate this complex terrain, ensuring they leverage PPC’s power while avoiding its pitfalls.


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