Dr. Paul Zak Neuroscience and Smartwatches: Predicting Hit Songs and BestTuesdayEver App

The Science of Immersion

We welcomed a distinguished guest who is no stranger to innovation and discovery. Dr. Paul Zak, a renowned Professor, Speaker, Founder & Chief Immersion Officer, and the brilliant mind behind the book “Immersion: The Science of the Extraordinary and the Source of Happiness,” graced the show with his insights and expertise.

A trailblazer in his field, Dr. Zak’s work has reshaped how we understand emotions, marketing, creativity, and overall well-being. His theories and applications resonate with a wide audience, from marketers to health professionals, artists, and everyday individuals seeking to improve their lives.



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The Brain’s Valuation Mechanism Unveiled

Immersion is more than a buzzword in Dr. Zak’s vocabulary. It’s a neurologic data stream that the brain uses to evaluate social and emotional experiences. It’s an innovative concept that breaks the mold of the brain’s generally lazy and conservative behavior, demonstrating that it can be influenced at certain times.


A New Era of Neuroscience

Dr. Zack’s revolutionary work extends to the development of a neurologic prediction engine initially funded by the U.S. government. The eventual creation of a real-time Neuroscience as a Service platform six years ago is a testament to his groundbreaking approach. Using data from everyday wearable devices, this platform lets anyone measure what their brain loves.


Predicting Success in the Arts

How can software predict hit songs with 97% accuracy? 

Dr. Zack’s research employing neurologic immersion and machine learning has made this a reality. This approach goes beyond music; it has been used to optimize theatrical movie trailers and could democratize artistic creation, providing new avenues for young artists.


The Role of Emotions in Marketing

According to Dr. Zack, storytelling and emotions are key to effective marketing. His insights reveal the brain’s value in experience with emotion, whether in a financial spreadsheet or a compelling narrative. The use of multi-sensory experiences, like close-up shots and music, creates more persuasive ads.


Creating Immersive Experiences

From The Four Seasons’ personalized service example to identifying and building attention for super fans, Dr. Zack emphasizes that companies should create shareable experiences. With insights on how immersion dissipates after 20-30 seconds and the importance of strategic calls-to-action, his thoughts provide a roadmap for more engaging advertising.


Technology for Emotional Wellness

Dr. Zack’s innovations go beyond marketing. Continuous measurement of immersion can assess emotional states and help sustain emotional fitness. His new app, Tuesday (available from July 1st), can measure an individual’s emotional connection and provide insights for improving emotional connections, promoting a fulfilled life.


The Power of Immersion

Dr. Zack’s contributions extend far beyond neuroscience. His research validates the importance of emotions and storytelling in marketing, facilitates greater creativity, and offers ways to live longer and happier. Ian Garlic, a fervent supporter of Dr. Zack, echoes the sentiment that Dr. Zack’s work is a testament to the endless possibilities of human innovation and connection.


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