The Website Page for Cosmetic Surgeon that Led 200% Growth in Traffic with Bill Fukui

Unpacking Success with Bill Fukui 

We delve into the extraordinary success story of how one agency helped a plastic surgery center in Texas grow its metrics by up to 200%. In this detailed conversation, industry veteran and expert Bill Fukui, a Senior VP Business Development of MedShark Digital and with over 25 years of experience in Plastic Surgery SEO and marketing, shares his insights on a plethora of topics, ranging from video marketing trends to foundational SEO principles. 



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Meet Bill Fukui: A Pioneer in Digital Marketing

Bill Fukui, who has been a vital part of the digital marketing industry for 25 years, began his journey 22 years ago with TV advertising. Stumbling upon innovative methods to generate traffic for client websites, Bill beta-tested onsite page-by-page optimization and SEO strategies for professional services like plastic surgeons, dentists, and attorneys 25 years ago. This experimental approach soon transformed into a triumphant strategy that still resonates today.


The Importance of Video Marketing in 2023

In a world that thrives on visual content, video marketing has taken center stage. Bill emphasizes the significance of video case as an effective means to collect, craft, and disseminate customer stories. Video content should be versatile, encompassing B-roll footage, lifestyle content, voiceovers, and thorough interviews. Such a rich mix can lead to increased page views and engagement.


Foundational SEO & The 80-20 Rule

With consumers demanding better quality and access to abundant information online, foundational SEO becomes a linchpin for success. Bill explains the importance of great content, technical website optimization, and an in-depth understanding of the audience. Google’s AI enhancements have made audience targeting even more pivotal.


Understanding the Buying Cycle

Bill illustrates how the buying cycle varies across industries. While direct response works for businesses with immediate needs, branding becomes crucial for longer buying cycles, such as plastic surgery. The integration of various marketing channels such as social media, Google SEO, and paid ads enhances effectiveness.


North Texas Plastic Surgery: A Success Story

Highlighting a particular case, Bill speaks of how North Texas Plastic Surgery’s website integrated social media, design, and custom videos to entice repeat visitors. Innovations like a selfie gallery with real patient pictures were an instant hit, amplifying both traffic and conversions.


Measuring Success: Google Analytics & More

Analyzing and measuring website performance is vital. With a remarkable 20% to over 200% increase in certain metrics after updates, Google Analytics stands as an essential tool in understanding user engagement, which now influences search engine rankings.

Bill Fukui’s expertise transcends professional boundaries, even reflecting in his personal preference for fly fishing – a skill reliant on presentation, much like marketing. For those looking to explore more, MedShark Digital’s website, YouTube channel, and LinkedIn offer a plethora of resources and professional assistance.


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