Marketing Strategy for Targeting Spanish Speakers with Liel Levy

Embracing the Hispanic Market with Liel Levy


In today’s digital era, tapping into the Hispanic market is more vital than ever. We are honored to present insights from Liel Levy, the co-founder of Nanato Media and author of “Beyond Se Habla Espanol.” Levy’s deep understanding of the Hispanic digital space, especially in the field of video case story processes for law firms, offers a fresh perspective on targeting this unique and diverse market.


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Understanding the 5 Segments of the Latino Community in the US


The Hispanic community in the US is multifaceted. Levy identifies five key segments:

  1. US-born Latinos: Modern and connected with American culture.
  2. First Generation Born Latinos: Bridging their native and adopted cultures.
  3. Ambis (Dreamers): Young and ambitious.
  4. Latin Americanas: Strongly connected to Latin American heritage.
  5. Anos: Each segment needs a tailored approach, recognizing their distinct culture and heritage.


The Surprising and Most Valuable Layer of Hispanic Targeting


The search network, dominated by Google in the US, is a treasure trove for connecting with Latinos. Levy points out that this segment is more likely to interact with search ads, providing a unique opportunity to increase client revenues.


The Huge Opportunity in YouTube Hispanic Marketing


YouTube’s adoption among Latinos is not just about entertainment. Levy emphasizes its role in brand positioning and recognition, making it an essential tool in reaching Latin audiences for infotainment, music, and podcasts.


The Biggest Mistake in Hispanic Marketing: Translation vs. Transcreation


Levy warns against the common mistake of simple translation without considering cultural nuances. He advocates for transcreation, ensuring that content resonates with the target audience’s specific needs and cultural background.


Uncovering the Most Valuable Keywords in the Hispanic Market


Through research and tools like Google Translate and Chat GPT, Levy demonstrates how to identify relevant keywords and match types that resonate with Latinos, particularly those with legal needs.


Video Strategy for Hispanic Websites: Type, Length, and Style


For Levy, videos on websites are more than just a visual aid. He suggests that concise videos, under one minute, that explain the service process and address specific pain points are crucial for the Hispanic market.


Building Trust and Understanding with Nanato Media


Collaboration, trust-building, and in-depth customer understanding are at the core of Levy’s work with Nanato Media. They consult on the Hispanic market and its competitive environment, empowering partners to make optimized investment decisions.

Liel Levy’s extensive experience and innovative approach to Hispanic marketing provide valuable insights for businesses looking to penetrate this multifaceted market. His emphasis on cultural understanding, search network optimization, and strategic video content highlights the importance of a nuanced approach. Follow Liel Levy on LinkedIn to learn more about his services and insights.


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