Rob Anspach Reveals His Top Book Promotion Tactics and How to Price Your Book

How to Market Your Book Like a Disney Genius


You wrote a book. Congratulations! Now comes the hard part – getting it in front of readers. In this post, we’ll explore proven book marketing tactics from Rob Anspach, an author of over 40 books who takes inspiration from Disney’s marketing brilliance.


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The First Book is Always the Hardest


Writing your first book is a major accomplishment, but don’t stop there. Rob published his first book in 2013 on social media marketing, which sold over 2,000 copies through simple tactics like asking friends to pose with the book and share on social media. This created curiosity and interest in potential readers.

The more content you create, the more opportunities you have to attract an audience. Consistency is key. Rob published his second book just 60 days after his first by collaborating with a co-author.

Don’t wait until your first book is “perfect.” Get it out there, start building an audience, and plan your next book.


Create Your Own Publishing Company


If traditional publishers turn down your book, consider self-publishing. Rob created his own publishing company to maintain control. Self-publishing on platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble Press, and IngramSpark makes your book available to millions of readers.


Promote the Book Like Your Business


Rob spends at least 20% of his time marketing his own business. Don’t wait until you “need” clients to promote. Consistency is key, whether it’s guest podcast appearances, social media, or paid ads.

Treat your book promotion the same way. Set aside time each week for marketing. Leverage your existing audience and don’t rely solely on Amazon algorithms.

Market your book continuously – before, during and after launch. Don’t rely on Amazon alone.


Learn from Marketing Legends


A turning point for Rob was getting endorsed by legendary marketer Joe Sugarman, the founder of Blue Blocker sunglasses. Earn endorsements from industry experts, leverage their audiences, and highlight the endorsement prominently.

Also study how massive brands like Disney handle marketing. Observe how they engage visitors across platforms and experiences.


Sell Books for More Than 99 Cents


While it may be tempting to sell books for 99 cents, the royalties are miniscule. Price at $5.99 – $9.99. You’ll make more per sale. Understand Amazon takes a large cut of royalties. Consider directing buyers to your own online store instead.

Don’t get seduced by volume. Price your book higher to earn more royalties per sale.


Recycle Your Best Content


Repurpose your best podcast interviews, videos and articles into books. For example, Rob helped a doctor turn his YouTube videos into a series of books. Look for ways to give your content new life.


Focus on Tangible Experiences


Despite the rise of digital books, Rob believes print books have longevity. People still enjoy the tangible experience of holding a book. Direct buyers to paperback versions on Amazon or your own store.

Also, don’t rely solely on “best seller” tags. Focus on reviews, engagement and real photos of readers enjoying your book. This shows true success.

The key is consistency. Set aside time each week to promote your book across multiple platforms, not just Amazon. Repurpose your best content into new formats like books. Make every touchpoint with readers delightful and magical.

Most importantly, don’t stop at just one book.

The more content you create, the more opportunities you have to attract readers. Keep writing, keep promoting, and most of all, keep believing in your message.



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