Bob Shenefelt in Finding Purpose Beyond Money and Status Through Aligning Your Life with Your “Why”

Finding Your Vision as an Entrepreneur


Many entrepreneurs start their journey chasing entrepreneurial freedom. But ironically, the hustle and drive for more money and success often leads to stress and unhappiness. So how do you as an entrepreneur find your true vision and create a business aligned with what really matters to you?



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Defining Success


Bob Shenefelt, founder of, shared his story on the Garlic Marketing Show. Like many entrepreneurs, Bob achieved outward signs of success – a nice house, season tickets, a good income. But when he looked around at the stuff he had accumulated, he felt sad and unfulfilled.

This started Bob on a journey to redefine success based on what really mattered to him – his family, making an impact, and freedom to enjoy life. He realized he had been chasing a “false god” of money and prestige.

Many entrepreneurs fall into this trap, thinking that hustle, scale, and wealth will bring happiness. But it often leads to burnout without fulfillment. So take time to reflect on what success really means for you.


Finding Your “Why”


Bob emphasizes starting with your “why.” Why did you start this business? Why does it matter to you? Getting clear on your purpose and motivations helps align your business vision with what makes you come alive.

It also helps you define success on your own terms, rather than what society or other entrepreneurs say you “should” want. Take time to listen to your intuition and identify the values most important to you.


Crafting Your Vision


Bob recommends writing down your vision and sharing it with others. Speaking it aloud helps you clarify and refine it. You may discover you’ve been saying it differently each time, which indicates lack of clarity.

A clear vision that others understand and agree with is much more likely to happen. So don’t keep your vision locked in your head – speak it, write it down, and share it to crystallize it.


Focus on the Present


As visionaries, we often live in the future, worrying about what might happen or trying to solve problems that don’t exist yet. Bob stresses the importance of being present. Focus on making the most of this moment instead of getting lost in future thinking.

When you slow down and listen to yourself and others without judgment, you tap into inspiration and intuition. Presence is where the magic happens. So build space for it in your day.


Play to Your Superpowers


Most entrepreneurs try to improve their weaknesses. But Bob says to focus on your “great gifts” – the things that light you up and that you’re brilliant at. Define your superpowers and ask your team to keep you operating in those zones.

For example, as a visionary Bob is great at seeing opportunities, connecting people, and inspiring action. But he’s terrible at scheduling and details. So he has an integrator on his team handle those things so he can play to his strengths.


Join a Peer Community


Finding like-minded visionaries helps you see you’re not alone. Bob created the Visionary Forum to give entrepreneurs a safe space to share big ideas without being laughed at or judged.

These groups provide camaraderie, inspiration, and accountability to live into your vision. So find peers who energize you and believe in your purpose to stay focused.


Vision Evolves Over Time


Following Bob’s advice allows you to live your vision, not someone else’s. Avoid chasing false idols and instead build a business that fuels your purpose. Clarity of vision is invaluable, but also requires regular revisiting as your needs change. Keep asking yourself powerful questions, listening for answers, and taking time to be present. This foundations enables you to create an extraordinary entrepreneurial life of fulfillment on your own terms.



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