ChatGPT Prompts to Create AI Press Releases with eReleases Mickie Kennedy

Get Your Business Noticed: PR Tips to Land Media Coverage

Earning media coverage can be a powerful way to build credibility and exposure for your business. But how do you get journalists to pay attention and share your story?

We dig into proven press release strategies to generate buzz from this insightful podcast with PR pro Mickie Kennedy of eReleases.



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The Value of AI for Press Releases

Artificial intelligence like ChatGPT can be a useful press release tool for ideation and drafting releases. AI provides a solid starting point. However, for the best results, human creativity is still essential – especially when it comes to crafting engaging headlines and impactful quotes.


Writing Quotes that Captivate Audiences

Many press release quotes play it too safe. To grab attention, aim for vivid imagery, active voice, and make it punchy yet profound. Truly exceptional quotes add an extra spark through artful language. They give journalists impactful content to build stories around.


ChatGPT’s Limitations (and Sweet Spots)

While AI falls short with creative headlines and quotes, it shines for brainstorming ideas related to your topic. Ask ChatGPT to generate 10-20 ideas to spur thinking. Then develop the most promising ones into story angles.


Affordable Press Release Distribution

Services like eReleases tap into partnerships with major newswires to offer discounted distribution. Rates start at just $99 for national distribution through PR Newswire vs $1,000+ direct. eReleases schedules releases during PR Newswire’s downtime overnight to keep costs low for small businesses.


The Payoff: 150+ Pickups from 1 Release

Well-crafted releases can yield major pickups – from national outlets to industry publications to local media.

Amidst COVID shutdowns, eReleases issued a free press release on dining bonds to help restaurants. It got picked up by over 150 media outlets.


Build Relationships with Local Journalists

For hometown coverage, connect directly with local reporters who cover relevant beats. Pitch story ideas regularly (monthly/quarterly) to stay top of mind. Share specific story angles and quotes that give journalists an easy path to turn it into an article.


Launch a 6-8 Release PR Campaign

To maximize impact, plan a PR campaign with multiple releases over time. Tell an engaging origin story and themes that reveal the motivations behind your business.


Turn Media Wins into a “Brag Book”

Collect press clippings to showcase in a “brag book” when meeting prospective clients. Media endorsements add tremendous credibility. One carpet cleaner compiled coverage into a book and saw a 17% increase in quote conversions as a result.


Provide the Ingredients for Compelling Stories

Above all, journalists want to share fascinating stories with their audience. Give them the hooks, headlines, angles and quotes to develop content their readers will love.

Getting your business noticed by the media can be a game-changer when it comes to reaching new audiences and establishing credibility. By taking a strategic approach – leveraging AI along with the power of storytelling – you can craft press releases that cut through the noise. Implement these tips to land impactful media placements and take your PR efforts to the next level.


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