The Top Performer Mindset

If you own your own business and don’t think you need to read a post on marketing mindset, this post is for you.

“Hitting is fifty percent above the shoulders.”

– Ted Williams

Ted Williams was one of the best hitters in baseball history.  “Ted was always looking for an edge,” said former Red Sox infielder Frank Malzone. Williams was always looking to improve his hitting, but also looking to improve every other aspect of his game, both on and off field.  He tinkered with nutrition, sleep and his mindset, even when he was the best baseball player at the top of his career.

Look across stories of great performers. You find that even when they are at the top of their careers, from Jordan to Jerry Rice, the true superstars never settle.  The best are always were looking for an edge, constantly evaluating themselves and adapting.

Everywhere they look they are considering a way to improve their game. They were always looking for a mental edge, because every game – whether it’s marketing, chess, or baseball – is won by those mentally the best.

If you are in business, any business, a big part of your game should be marketing. Without marketing, there is no business. Remember, word of mouth is marketing. Also, no one hires anyone without first looking at Google and seeking out a website.

You should always be looking to improve your marketing and your mindset.  If you wait until you feel behind, you are too late.

If you don’t think you need this article, you need it the most.

As I write these blogs, I get feedback in several forms.  I get compliments. I love to hear the compliments and hear that this is working to improve people’s game. I also get “unsubscribes” from the Mindset Mondays email list.

The funny part is that the people that give me compliments are often the businesses that you would look at and think they need help with mindset the least.  From the outside, their businesses seem to be booming.  These business owners should be resting on their laurels. I sat back and thought about these people who pay attention.  I realize they have the Top Performer Mindset.  It’s the insatiable desire to always be improving.  These owners know that moving towards improvement should be the end, and with that, success will come.

I also get feedback in the form of “unsubscribes” from my email list.  Often, these are the people that need the most help with their marketing.  If you don’t think mindset is important to your marketing, that looking for an edge is important, you are doomed to mediocrity.

Everyone wants success, but to obtain it, you need to be constantly looking for the edge in your marketing game and the edge in your mindset.