Duplicating The Ice Bucket Challenge Success

Many look to the Ice Bucket Challenge and say, “I want that marketing success!” Unfortunately, their mindset may lead them down the wrong path to duplicating the success of the ice bucket challenge.  I see 4 key Mindsets to duplicating the success of the Ice Bucket challenge in your marketing.

Warning: There is some instruction ahead, not simply motivation.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is not always a great idea.

I doubt you do not know what the Ice Bucket challenge is at this point. I doubt you will ever recreate that level of success. I know that’s not too encouraging for a Mindset blog, but I am here to tell you you don’t need to duplicate the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge. You just need to take away some key mindsets.

Ice Bucket Challenge Success Mindset #1

The first key Mindset is that internet marketing will work. The Ice Bucket Challenge has proved, without a doubt, the power of social media.  It has increased donations to ALS research 3000%. The  challenge has been accepted by everyone from Bill Gates to George Bush. For every successful social media campaign like the Ice Bucket challenge, there are thousands of failed internet attempts at utilizing social media.  That does not mean you should not attempt your own social media campaign. Just realize that it might take a while before you hit the Punctuated Equilibrium, the Tipping Point of Success.

Ice Bucket Challenge Success Mindset #2

Another key Mindset is absorbing the power of altruism and awareness. The Ice Bucket Challenge is not simply begging, but gives people the feeling they are doing something for a larger cause, and can feel the impact. People are actively participating and it’s working to help others. It seems many have done the Ice Bucket Challenge simply for visibility, but appealing to the natural altruism of others to spread a message works. 80% of people want to help the greater good. Having a purely altruistic mindset in your marketing will improve results. If you try to start with an obvious selfish motive, you will get nowhere.

Ice Bucket Challenge Success Mindset #3

The next key Mindset we takeaway from the Ice Bucket Challenge is harnessing the power of small groups and small conversations. The Ice Bucket challenge spreads through asking someone to nominate three people.  The Ice Bucket Challenge does not simply broadcast. When doing social media, many come with an advertising “broadcast” mindset. The Ice Bucket challenge speaks to three people directly. Even people with massive audiences like Bill Gates and Charlie Sheen elected to talk to three people directly. Their challenges still were viewed en masse despite only targeting three people.

Ice Bucket Challenge Success Mindset #4

The final mindset to take away is don’t try to duplicate massive success. Think small, focused successes. Pull back and realize you don’t need to duplicate the success of the Ice Bucket challenge.  Have a small, altruistic message. Try to talk to just three people and get them to join your voice. Teach them how to join your voice and give them the vehicle to do it. If you do that very well, and can do that once a month, at the end of the year you will have taught 36 people.  If those 36 people can spread your message, join your voice with no motive besides altruism, you will most likely have social media success.  Here is a choice: 36,000 followers ignoring you or 36 influential  people in harmony with your message. Which would help your business more? Who knows, those 36  people might help you come up with the next Ice Bucket Challenge.

Just don’t hold your breath (unless you are actually doing the Ice Bucket Challenge).

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