How to Create a Badass Brand with Pia Silvia

Creating a Badass Brand

Does your business’s branding paint you as an authority in your target audience? Do you fear your voice is getting lost in the noise? Does your marketing strategy miss your ideal client?

Pia Silvia, the branding expert behind Worstofall Designs and the author of Badass Your Brand, shares her branding tips on the Garlic Marketing Podcast. She left her 9-5 behind to help her husband with his freelance career, and now she specializes in helping service professionals create memorable brands.

Good branding, she says, means being able to charge premium prices while still winning the business. Effective branding acts as a magnet, attracting the right clients while unapologetically repelling the wrong ones.

The biggest mistake a lot of service professionals make when trying to attract customers is trying to appeal to everyone at once. Pia argues businesses will find greater levels of success if they find a niche that they both feel they have an authority in and that they enjoy. While it might seem counter-productive in the short-term to alienate potential paying customers, it pays in the long run.

If you’re speaking to everybody, you’re heard by nobody. Focus on building your reputation as an expert within your niche, and your business will have unlimited growth potential. In a world of new technology and different ways of communicating, it’s more important now than ever to find unique ways to stand out to your audience.

To learn more about creating a powerful brand for your business, listen to the full episode on the Garlic Marketing podcast.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to build a better brand/design for your business
  • Financial business advice from branding, managing budgets, to a solution plan
  • How to get clients over their fear of poor decision making

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