Your Business’s Hero’s Journey with Stefan Georgi

Ian Garlic speaks to his friend Stefan Georgi on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show podcast. Stefan’s copywriting skills are responsible for billions in sales! He has an acute understanding of how to best speak with customers in a way that translates into sales, and he shares his tips for others looking to write their best sales copy.

Stefan was an environmental science teacher for at-risk youth in Texas, but that all changed when he discovered his dad had an advanced stage of cancer. Needing to switch to a career that he can do from home with his dad, he started learning more about content writing and digital marketing. He stumbled into copywriting seemingly by accident, and he learned more about web building, SEO, and marketing as he went along.

Today, Stefan offers his copywriting and consulting services to businesses looking to skyrocket their sales. He’ll be hosting his own intensive copywriting event in Las Vegas on April 18th and 19th. It will be two full days of copywriting, communicating, and sales specifically for e-commerce, advertising, and direct response.

Key to Copywriting

The most important thing, Stefan says, is to create an emotional connection with your audience. A lot of industries keep things sterile and professional when what they should be doing is telling stories that really connect to readers. Emotion and story go hand and hand with creating copy that actually converts.

A Hero’s Journey

Stefan goes into detail about the art of storytelling. There are a lot of classic storytelling arcs and techniques that one should understand to fully utilize them to his or her business. The hero’s journey is a particularly powerful arc that works for most any business. Stefan urges business owners to place their own story within the context of the hero’s journey since these timeless narratives really capture the audience.

“Skin Walkers”

Stefan believes businesses should be able to “skinwalk.” This is a term he uses to indicate stepping into the customer’s shoes. If a business can’t determine their customer’s feelings, emotions, and desires to really appeal to them. Copywriters should let this empathy run rampant with imagination and feeling.

Listen to the full episode to discover how to create your business’s hero journey on the latest episode of the Garlic Marketing Show!

What you’ll learn:

  • Two secrets to effective writing that sell $530,000,000
  • Discover his 6 stage structure for sales copy
  • The extreme value of being weird
  • Details about the Copywriting Event in April

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