The Power of Customer Stories with Rick Cesari

The Garlic Marketing Show Podcast talked to Rick Cesari, the marketing guru behind well-known brands and products like Juiceman Juicer, Sonicare, and GoPro. Before he markets anything, Rick likes to talk to customers to determine whether or not a product will be a success and how to best market that product. These real-life customers are key to understanding the kind of marketing that works.

Power of Video Testimonials

Rick thinks video testimonials are the greatest way to sell a product. Being able to see the emotional and authenticity on the screen in real-life customers is a powerful tool for selling products and services.

Secrets of Success

Rick’s book, named Buy Now, shares an in-depth glimpse into the success behind launching well-known products. While the marketing landscape has changed in recent years with the rise of social media, the basic understanding of consumer behavior has not changed since Rick began his career. Marketers need to start by creating unique products that stand apart from the crowd. From there, marketers need to pinpoint locations within the marketplace that don’t already have a lot of competition.

This groundwork is vital to launching a successful product or brand. Marketers can’t underestimate the power of creating value and listening to customers. It all comes back to the customer story, or testimonial, which can raise your brand or product above all competition. While these pillars of success aren’t complicated, they’re easy to forget or skip.

Simple Formulas

Rick follows a simple formula for infomercials which can easily translate into your marketing strategy. First, he simply shares what he’s going to talk about during the infomercial with an emphasis on the unique selling point. Then, he simply talks about what he promised, complete with unique testimonials. Finally, he summarizes his main selling point and includes a call to action. This unique selling point, when combined with testimonials, creates a powerful selling formula.

Marketers can’t forget the importance of informing and educating your leads. Providing long-form, valuable content, is essential for converting visitors into buyers. Always educating the consumer will make it easier to build trust with your audience. All of these small things add up to a big marketing strategy!

To learn more about creating a product that sells and attracting long-time customers, listen to the Rick Cesari episode of the Garlic Marketing Show Podcast!

What you’ll learn:

  • Building a Brand’s Foundation
  • Positioning Strategies in Marketing
  • Basic Formula for Infomercials, and Omnichannels  

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