Stop the Cold Calling, Start Content Marketing with Matt Watson

In the past, cold calling has been the way of the game. With constant emailing and advertising to attract new clients, marketers thought they were getting the right attention. Today, the internet is a much more complicated place.

Ian Garlic on the Garlic Marketing Show talks to Matt Watson, the co-founder of Stackify. Throughout his career, he learned about the power of SEO and content marketing.

Content Matters

Matt Watson believes in blog posts. Instead of bombarding visitors and potential leads with emails and ads, he creates compelling content that draws more than 500,000 visitors to a website.

You’ve got to try his tips for yourself. Listen to the episode to learn just what content marketing is and how it should play a role in your marketing strategy. He also shares just how he writes such compelling content, and how you can too. Finally, he highlights his favorite resources for creating even more traffic on your own!

If you’re still focusing all of your marketing energy on cold calling and older techniques that aren’t giving you the results you need, it’s time to look to the future. Content marketing is here to stay, and you need to learn how to use this method to draw in the right customer at the right time.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • What Content Marketing is
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Tools to create traffic on sites

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