What’s In Your Toolbox? Brady Patterson’s Guide to Building Your Online Course

This week on The Garlic Marketing Show, Ian features Brady Patterson as he discloses the guaranteed success of online courses. Brady Patterson, the COO of Success Road Academy, has launched The Ultimate Toolbox for Creating & Selling Online Courses. The course is a step by step process to ensure smooth sailing for your business, along with tips when it comes to fending off the basic mistakes of marketing.

Discovering the Almighty Question Through Market Research.  

Patterson highlights the benefit and necessity of market research when it comes to crafting your business. By using market research, you’re able to find your target audience. Once you’ve nailed down your target market you can start asking the RIGHT questions and find the RIGHT answers. BULLSEYE! Now, you’re ready to break out your toolbox and build your relevant question which will then dictate your business model and course. The right questions and answers are the blueprints for building your online course. Find your blueprints and get to building!

The beauty of online courses is that it’s a great shortcut to success when done right. Patterson’s courses gives YOU the opportunity to succeed and hands you the tools. The educational webinars teach you how to pre-sell, sell, and create a systematic approach.

But Wait, There’s More.

Let’s say you already know the nuts and bolts behind market research and online courses. The Ultimate Toolbox for Creating and Selling Online Courses provides you with the support, training, and accountability for your product or service. They provide mentors, coaches, and even live events which prompt you to think outside the box for your business and forces your customers to do the same!

Alright, you’ve grabbed a few tools from the shed, but you’re still missing a few. Tune into the rest of Brady Patterson’s interview to figure out what you’re missing in your toolbox!

What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of pre-selling your course
  • Some tips for building your course
  • Explains that market research matters

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