How to Narrate Your Audiobook Better & Increase Customer Engagement with Narrator and Coach Sean Pratt

Meet the Cast: Sean Pratt

Sean Pratt, Co-Owner & Narrator of Vox Box Audio, has narrated 975+ audiobooks. He worked as a professional actor in theatre, film, TV, and voice-overs for 30 years. His most recent success was the audiobook Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable by Tim S. Grover.

Sean Pratt enlightened us on the power of establishing authority with audio books and audiobook narration. Audiobooks shed a new light on marketing and the importance of stamina, performance, and engagement when it comes to your customers.

50,000 new audio books are growing this year and domestic sales are up to $3 billion!

Why Should You Care About Audio Books?

Busy professionals want to keep reading, keep their wits about them, and hear the latest and the greatest about their field. However, most don’t have time to read, so they turn to audiobooks. Their commute is the driver of audiobooks (no pun intended).

Audiobooks are the future. Sadly, print is going out of business and we are moving into a strictly technological era.

For example, the book Relentless was selling well, but when Sean took over the audiobook it reached new heights and a different segment of the market. This is what makes audiobooks so golden because it reaches a whole different market.

Audiobooks are a performance. Find your voice, your authority, and hear the melody that seeps through the pages, then PERFORM.

The Mumbler vs. The Performer

In marketing, you’re performing, similarly, like a narrator. You’re good with people, extroverted, know what you want, and are ready for a sale. But what closes the deal? Sean makes an important point when it comes to performance in narration, the mumbler vs. the performer:

The Mumbler:

  • On stage with a great book, but couldn’t SELL the book with their voice, engagement or performance.
  • Stumbled their way through the excerpt and the crowd was snoring by the first sentence.

The Performer:

  • Their novel is just as good as the Mumbler’s, but they took the reins of the crowd with:
  • Eye contact
  • Charisma
  • & 30 minutes of reading was magical because they captivated the audience with their PERFORMANCE and ENGAGEMENT.

So, who are YOU?

Are you the mumbler who stumbles their way through their book and marketing career? Or are you the performer who’s engaging, charismatic, and makes a pitch magical? Keep your audience and customers entertained and WOW them with your performance.

With audiobook narration, you have an opportunity to establish credibility, authority, and exposure from all different markets, why waste it with a mediocre performance?

Similar to marketing, narration is finding your audience, your lead magnet. Who are you performing for and how can you be consistently INconsistent, so your customers aren’t snoring?

To learn more about WOWing your customers with audiobook narration tune in to hear Sean Pratt on the Ian Garlic Marketing Show!


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why You Should Care About Audio Books
  • The Mumbler vs. The Performer
  • How to WOW Your Customers
  • The Importance of Performance & Engagement in Marketing

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