How to Use Video to Grow a 7-figure Consulting Agency with Jason Swenk

Jason Swenk, Agency Advisor and Coach at Jason Swenk, LLC, helps marketing agency owners grow their agency faster with his superstar digital marketing process. Additionally, he hosts his own YouTube channel called the Swenk Today Show and The Smart Agency Master Class that bridges marketing and technology to create the best user experience.

If your mom is the only one subscribing to your videos… tune in.

Stop writing blog posts and start recording videos

We all love a quick blog post, but how quickly does it connect with your audience? Jason told us, “I can write 100 blog posts, but I record one video and people connect with me a lot faster. When people trust you they want to work with you.”

When you listen to a video, you’re hearing someone’s voice, story, personality, and first-hand advice. Videos offer a relationship with their viewers that kicks a blog post out of the park.

Jason shared that his videos aren’t reaching a million viewers, but he doesn’t care because he’s reaching 300 to 400 of his IDEAL prospects. He’s found his IDEAL audience, people that are actually going to BUY his product/service.

The numbers don’t matter. What does matter is consistency, patience, and execution.

A blog post won’t do it, but videos will. People want a 1 on 1 conversation with YOU. One viewer could feel the connection from your video and be the prospect who turns your business into a multi-million dollar company.

Become the Obi-Wan to gain your Skywalkers

You’re probably an Obi-Wan if you have these things in your videos:

  • Awesome title
  • Awesome intro
  • Awesome thumbnail

If you don’t have these things, people are scrolling past your videos. It’s a cold, cold world out there. authenticWEB will lend you a helping hand, but viewers won’t. People won’t even bother listening unless you catch their eye.

You need a catchy title, intro, and thumbnail to prove you’re the ultimate Obi-Wan. Jason says viewers are little Luke Skywalker’s, they need guidance but without the right tools they’ll stop listening before you’ve shown your master skills.

Perfection bad, execution good

You’re not perfect and you’ll want to re-record, but it’s not about being perfect it’s about fast execution. 

Be prepared for internet trolls. They’re out there… on the prowl… on the paTROLL.

Don’t let one trolling comment stop you from executing your videos. They thrive on delaying your execution process. Who cares? Your company is on it’s way to making millions.  

You’re unique because of how you sound and look. Embrace yourself and you’ll see results.

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospect. And make it simple. The simpler you make the videos, the further they will go.

If you want to be Obi-Wan and make your videos #1, tune in for Jason Swenk on the Garlic Marketing Show and you’ll find out how Jason’s videos turned his business into a multi-million dollar company!


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why intros can make or break your video
  • How to be a marathon runner, not a sprinter
  • The biggest mistakes you’re making with videos
  • Becoming the Obi-Wan to your Skywalkers
  • Tips to getting over your video fears
  • Why story works
  • Blog posts are OUT, videos are IN.

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