How One Doctor Grew His Practice Online and Netted a 5x ROI from Marketing with Dr. David Greene | US Lead Network CEO

How are you generating leads? On this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, we have a rare gem Dr. David Greene, an orthopedic surgeon that has stepped out of the medical field and into the marketing world. He’s using the obstacles he faced in practice and formulated his own special sauce for generating leads to help his fellow MD’s. Learn how to convert leads with Dr. David Greene, the Founder & CEO of Us Lead Network, long time veteran in healthcare and medical SEO. Greene is a rare breed and we can’t wait to dive into how he obtained 80% of patients from the web and his creation of Us Lead Network. As an MD and an MBA, Dr. Greene understands all too well what it takes to grow one’s practice cost-effectively.

A lot of practices don’t realize how effective the web can be with filling up their books with patients.


The LEADer. Follow My Leads.

Marketing companies are always saying lead this and lead that. We’re diving into how to lock down leads and dissecting the process. Dr. Greene breaks it down for us and we’re following his ‘lead.’ To lock down your leads, you need a team full of LEADers.

One of the most important leaders is at the front desk. The front desk is the source for incoming and outgoing leads. They need to have the right resources to fulfill the lead’s destiny. Without having a playbook, they are thrown into the lead wolves. Give your front desk a script to lead potential patients through the process and common objections with answers. If your front desk isn’t succeeding, its the practitioner’s fault. There is only so much medical advice they can give (legally).


How a Lead Becomes a Converted Patient

It was the best of leads, it was the worst of leads. Some patients are EASY PEASY, the best of leads. And others are HARD, the worst of leads.

Some customers call in and they’ve already done their research, ready to book an appointment. Other patients can be more tricky. They have questions, comments, AND concerns. The doctors are with patients, they don’t have time to be answering the phone. Your staff is only as good as the resources you provide. With the best resources, you can tackle ALL the questions, comments, AND concerns to lock down a lead. Dr. Greene said locking down leads during business hours is crucial because hearing someones empathy and concern over the phone resonates with them to want to book an appointment.

Doctors typically look at marketing as an expense. Dr. Greene said he thought the same thing until he realized marketing is an opportunity.  


The Patient Acquisition Journey

People think the internet has the lowest yield but it actually has the lowest cost outside of word of mouth referrals, tv, radio, print, all of these aren’t nearly effective.

It’s a combination. People are in 20 different places before they decide. Dr. David Greene has created the patient acquisition journey where he records all of the data from his patients and generates it into the all-out scorecard.

Here’s the journey:

  • Initial phone call recorded
  • Transferred to transcription between agent & prospect
  • AI machine picks up keywords & synaptic index
  • Scores the lead
  • Generates lead graphs & charts for your pleasure

Dr. Greene’s AI machinery that figures out the patient acquisition journey is his best resource for locking down leads. We’ve given a tidbit about Dr. Green’s secrets, now tune in for this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show.


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to avoid unethical marketing practices
  • How to get the best leads possible from lead companies
  • The big numbers you should be paying attention
  • The importance of your front desk
  • How to prevent “the big hit” on your business
  • The true cost of a lead
  • The Big Shift that made his practice successful


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