Why B-Roll Can Make or Break Your Video Marketing with Thomas Duran


VIDEO. VIDEO. And MORE VIDEO. We love all our guests who appear on the Garlic Marketing Show, but this week’s guest Thomas Duran holds a special place in authenticWEB’s video heart. Thomas Duran is a director, videographer, producer, cinematographer, AND storyteller. He shares the same love for story through video as we do. Hit play for this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show because you won’t want to miss all the b-roll video hacks we’re giving out! Did we say video?

Thomas got hooked on video when he was a kiddo. He worked with a youth group who had a video production company in Arizona. He volunteered for a year because he couldn’t stop rolling. 30 hours a week for FREE. Thomas wanted to learn how to use a camera and improve his future client’s messages through the power of video.

Are you ready to tell your story through video? Here are some quick video tips to get you started:

B-Roll, You Gotta Have it.

Thomas’ number one tip is the importance of b-roll. Viewers won’t watch past 30 seconds if you’re not incorporating b-roll.

B-roll allows the viewer to feel in the video. The connection between b-roll and the audience resonates an emotion without actually being there. The beauty of b-roll lets the videographer capture the BEST moments to enhance and deliver your BEST story.

For Thomas, 20% of a shoot is the interview process but 80% is strictly b-roll. B-roll, you just gotta have it.

It’s NOT Your Story.

We love talking about ourselves. We get a little twinkle in our eyes when we’re sharing our greatest accomplishments. For video marketing, your audience should develop their own twinkle after watching your video. It’s the twinkle that makes someone hit share, subscribe, and replay because the story stirred some sort of emotion they can’t shake off.

What’s your story, and what type of twinkle do you want to stir?

Remember, it’s NOT your story. You don’t get the spotlight just yet. It IS your client’s story — their genuine and authentic experience with your company.

“Video your clients and let the client be the hero. You don’t need to be the hero, you’re just providing a service.”

Have your client tell their story through their own perspective about YOU and your company. Clients’ emotions and past experiences resonate with future clients and that’s the real money maker. The other advantage is clients love to share their experiences with you, so why stop them?

Let your client tell their best story about your company. Our brains are wired to remember stories. It’s amazing how one story can go a long way. We’ve shared a tid bit about b-roll. Hit play and learn why b-roll can make or break your video marketing with Thomas Duran on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show!

Quick Tips:

Before you hire a noob videographer, make sure they know the importance of:

  • B-Roll
  • Interview Questions

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What You’ll Learn:

  • The Biggest Mistakes with Video
  • The difference between technical and marketing videos
  • The importance of great questions
  • Why everyone needs to know B-roll and how to shoot it
  • The minimum number of videos you should be uploading
  • Documenting vs. Storytelling
  • Why video lasts longer than PPC and FB ads

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