How 63,000 Questions Led to the Band-Aid Slogan and How it Applies to Marketing

Dr. Sharon Livingston President & Founder of The Livingston Group for Qualitative Research is sharing her top marketing success story when she worked at Johnson & Johnson. Sharon has interviewed over 60,000 people and used Myers-Briggs and the Burkman Assesment to dive deep into consumer motivation. Learn how Sharon helped uncover one of Band-Aid’s best slogans in marketing history.

“The truth comes out by using indirect methods and that’s when people answer with authentic story.”


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Asking the Right Questions

For Band-Aid, Sharon had interviewees tell a story with a deck of cards, each with different archetypes on them. Then, she asked certain questions so participants could tell a congruent story with a rising action, conflict, and resolution.

The power of story within these focus groups led her to uncover the consumers’ true motivation for band-aids. What she found was the story was consistent for almost every participant.

If you ask people direct questions, they will answer with what they think is the correct answer. Sharon used indirect methods like the deck of cards so people provided authentic answers which turned into an authentic story.


The Band-Aid Slogan

Dr. Sharon Livingston’s background as a professional market researcher, qualitative research trainer, master business coach, best selling author, and motivational speaker gives her multiple perspectives to ask the right questions.

However, it was her specialty in psychological techniques that led her and the Band-Aid Company to start the marketing campaign, “I am stuck on Band-Aid brand because germs don’t stick on me.”

We love hearing our client’s stories at authenticWEB, and Sharon shares this all-time favorite marketing success story when she worked at Johnson & Johnson.

Sharon was hired to conduct research groups to uncover what band-aids meant to people and ultimately decide if Band-Aid should create ouch-less band-aids like their competitor Cruad.

We’ve given you a sneak peek into the “I’m stuck on Band-Aid” story, now tune in for this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show to hear how Sharon interviewed 60,000 people and discovered Band-Aid’s best slogan in marketing history! Get stuck on Sharon in this episode!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to future-proof your career
  • How to be a pro interviewee
  • The right questions to ask as an interviewer
  • The important feeling you have to convey to interviewees
  • How to get authentic answers from others
  • Using personality tests to improve your business and marketing
  • What to do when you feel adrift in your career
  • The Band-Aid Slogan

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