Franchise or Startup? Why Franchisees Face Fewer Obstacles Than Startup Companies with Franchise Consultant, David Henderson

Have you always dreamed of owning your own business? Hold on to your seats future business owners because we’re talking about how to own a franchise on this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show. We’re honored to have David Henderson, President & COO of J. R. Adams & Associates, Inc. as our special guest. David flew in from Nashville, Tennessee to join us on the Garlic Marketing Show! 

We’re doing the episode live with David at the Marriott Grand Lakes Resort here in sunny Orlando, Florida.

After serving as a Field Marine for 4 years, David was selected to the Marine Corps Recruiting School in San Diego, California. His recruiting talents were far above the norm and earned Marine Recruiter of the Year. He transferred his recruiting and leadership skills to corporate America where he again excelled through the ranks. This led David to start his own recruiting company, H&A Recruiting, Inc. H&A Recruiting was acquired by J.R. Adams & Associates, Inc., a retained executive search firm established in 1970.

With J.R. Adams and Associates David is helping other entrepreneurs reach their franchise goals. With David’s franchise expertise we’re spilling THE BIGGEST OBSTACLE for franchise owners. Do you want the American dream? Are you built to be a chain-owner? Are you ready for your franchise dreams to become your reality?

Don’t let your franchise dreams slip away. Tune in for David and all you need to know about owning a franchise on this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show.

The franchise business works. You already have a partner. The franchise has already determined what works and what doesn’t work, you don’t need to test it. Follow the franchise system.


Living the American Dream and Being Your Own Boss

If you’re looking to be your own boss and operate your own company it’s important to understand the type of CEO you want to be and how you see yourself and your company five years down the road.

We ask David how does an aspiring entrepreneur find the best franchise for them? David has conducted over 10,000 hours of interviews with future owners and he gave us a list of questions he asks to narrow the scope and find the perfect franchise for each entrepreneur.

Before opening your own franchise David tells his clients to envision themselves and their company in five years. What do you want to accomplish? Where do you want to be geographically? Do you want to sell? Do you want to hand over your business to a management team or be hands-on involved?

These are just a few of the questions David asks potential franchisee’s that will start to narrow the scope of your future franchise.


Don’t Wait to Pull the Trigger

The biggest mistake many entrepreneurs make is waiting to pull the trigger and start their franchise. The time for your franchise is now. You could be living the American dream, but fear is holding you back.

When owning a franchise, the hard work is already done for you. The system has been integrated, tested, and marketed so you’re just a new partner. Learn the ropes of the franchise, follow the system, and by golly pull the trigger.


What You’ll Learn:

  • The biggest obstacle for franchise owners
  • How to overcome franchise deterrents
  • Why some franchise owners don’t succeed in business
  • The top 2 tips when opening a franchise
  • How to become your boss
  • How to gain the American entrepreneur dream with a franchise
  • The difference between a startup and a franchise

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