The 3 Mistakes You’re Making On Your LinkedIn Profile and How to Supercharge Your Sales Process with LinkedIn Prospecting Expert, Joey Gilkey

As the digital marketing field grows, our online profile needs to follow. LinkedIn has become one of the fastest growing networking platforms for businesses and we’re shouting it from The Garlic Marketing Show rooftop. We’re uncovering the three biggest mistakes on your LinkedIn Profile and how to fix them with our latest guest on the show, Joey Gilkey, LinkedIn Whiz, Co-Founder of Sales Pipeline Accelerator, and Founder of Tribe Prospecting. Tribe Prospecting helps marketing agencies experience the freedom of a consistently full pipeline through done-for-you prospecting. Joey went from ZERO to ONE MILLION (for Tribe Prospecting) by himself in 10 months. He converted his LinkedIn profile into sales copy which allowed him to find and bring in his IDEAL customers.

We’ve given you a tiny detail about Joey’s success with LinkedIn, are you ready to connect with his secrets and learn the 3 mistakes you’re making on LinkedIn? Hit play, and start connecting with the RIGHT profile that generates into a leading sales page to create FREE traffic and actionable content for your IDEAL customers.

The only silver bullet in sales is consistency. You have to consistently invest in the sales process. With LinkedIn, it’s a consistent investment in the platform, knowing your ideal customer profile, and building a dense network to move the needle in your prospect’s business and life.


The 3 Mistakes On Your LinkedIn Profile

Many business professionals aren’t using LinkedIn to generate leads, and they often tell Joey, “I never get any leads from LinkedIn, so why do it?”

If you’re in the same boat, your LinkedIn profile is probably making these 3 mistakes:

  1. Your LinkedIn profile is an advanced resume
  2. You have a stock photo as your HEADER
  3. Your summary is about YOU and your awards/accomplishments

We also see these three mistakes when building websites at authenticWEB. The About Us page is the most visited page on a website. Many of our customers want to talk about their awards or where they went to college. Joey and Ian hate to break it to you, but no one cares. Potential prospects care about how you can help them and how you’re going to get them there.


The 3 Things You NEED in Your Profile

We’ve told you what you’re doing wrong on your LinkedIn profile.

Here’s what your LinkedIn SHOULD look like:

  1. Original header – with conversion copy in the image – who you serve, what the end result is after working with you and how you will get them there.
  2. Headline – who you help, what you do, and the end result.
  3. Summary – nobody cares about what you know until they know that you care. Your summary should work them through what you do, how you will help and fix their pain points.

Here’s Joey’s LinkedIn Profile so you can see a visual format.

Creating copy that speaks directly to your ideal customer is a game changer for your LinkedIn profile. Not only does this boost your reputation on LinkedIn, but it creates your personal sales process. Having a sales process in place creates predictability AND scalability. If you’re selling a product this is a great tool to have. However, if you’re selling a service that’s a bigger agenda. Although, it may require a more strategic process, having an actionable LinkedIn profile can get your foot in the door with potential prospects and ultimately, lead to a one-on-one in-person sale.

Learn how to create the RIGHT LinkedIn profile and supercharge your sales process with Joey on this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show!


What You’ll Learn:

  • How he took his agency from ZERO to $1 MILLION in 10 Months
  • How to create a sales process
  • The 3 biggest mistakes you’re making on LinkedIn
  • The ONLY silver bullet in sales
  • Value added outreach
  • The foundation of every great sales process

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