Christopher White Shares Insider Info About Growing Your Business with Mobile Apps

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In this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, mobile app extraordinaire Christopher White talks with Ian about the current landscape of app development. The New York-based entrepreneur launched Sneakers Agency seven years ago and has established himself as a leading figure in the marketing world. Christopher developed the Sneakers Agency Innovative Framework to help brands build their digital products and solidify their strategies for maximum growth.

Over 50 brands have entrusted Sneakers Agency to lead them through the challenging, but rewarding process of developing a digital product. His company closely works with startups, enterprises, and agencies to achieve small milestones that evolve into huge achievements over time.



Evolution of the App Market

The state of the app market has completely changed in the last eight years. Any and all companies thought they needed their own app, but time has dictated that it’s not entirely necessary. The key to success in the modern app market is consolidation. Take a good look at the kind of company you are and go from there to determine whether you need an app or participation and exposure on different online platforms.


The Process of Building An App

All great apps start with a discovery period. What is your business goal? How is your app going to lead viewers back to your business? With those questions in mind, start developing a journey map for your users after they’ve downloaded your app. The points laid out on this map will give you a broader perspective of the elements needed in the development phase. Once discovery and development are done, it’s time to get your new digital product ready to launch in the app market.


The Absolute Necessity of a Great Landing Page

First impressions matter. A lot. If you don’t have a smooth and easy-to-navigate landing page, you could lose a lot of prospective customers in an instant. To improve the retention rate of users, think long and hard about what information needs to be on your landing page. Can a new user grasp what you can do for them in under 30 seconds?


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