Headliner app co-founder Oliver Wellington’s no-frills guide to increasing video engagement by 1,200 percent

In this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, we talk with Headliner co-founder Oliver Wellington about the cutting edge app they’ve created to promote podcasts on social media.

As an online video platform, Headliner helps its users create video clips from existing content such as audio files. The app seamlessly guides content creators through the process of producing short promotional videos with captions and graphics. With its incredibly easy workflow and superb customer service, Headliner has emerged as the premier online video platform used by the Economist, Audible, NYT Magazine, Sirius XM and CNN Podcasts.

Do Videos Make An Impact on Engagement?

YES! Headliner’s own internal study on Facebook and Instagram showed that videos with waveforms and captions perform 300-700 percent better than static images and text posts.

“If you just upload a video in today’s day and age, it’s not enough. You really need to have captions and some animations on top,” says Wellington. “You need to do things to keep people’s attention.”


More Than Just A Platform For Podcasters

While podcasters make up the majority of users on Headliner, journalists and news organizations are using the app to add captions to videos before posting on social media. Headliner has also been used by many in the music industry to create music videos by mashing up stock photos and videos. The app has also found its way into the education sphere as students from middle school to college use Headliner for school projects.

“You don’t need a massive tech team to build some pretty impressive things,” Wellington admits.

Headliner has streamlined the process of transforming audio to video with a number of features, such as video transcription, audio cutting, text animation, and waveform — a tool that visually represents when audio is present.

The Next Frontier

Wellington believes that in the future Headliner will be the chosen platform for sharing podcast clips from person to person. Sooner rather than later, it won’t just be content creators producing videos for promotional purposes. Fans will join the charge to promote and share their favorite podcast moments with family and friends around the world, especially now that most messaging apps accept video files.

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