Overcome Your Fear of Writing a Book as a Business Owner with Julie Broad

How to Overcome Your Fear of Writing a Book as a Business Owner with Julie Broad

I speak with Julie Broad, author of the best-selling book More than Cashflow. After launching a successful book herself, Julie began her own company called Book Launchers which helps others self-publish their own nonfiction books successfully.

Julie didn’t start her career as a writer. She began right out of college as in sales and struggled with overcoming her fear of selling. Her perspective shifted when she realized she could sell more effectively by focusing on helping others. With this mentality, she thrived in sales, and she gained enough confidence to venture into Real Estate.

While she suffered many ups and downs in her first few years of Real Estate, she was able to use these experiences to help others. Now, through Book Launchers, she believes in the importance of empowering other business owners to write their own books.

Julie recognizes that many business owners struggle to write their own books. She encourages them to focus simply on storytelling. While it’s easy to think of a nonfiction book as a “brain dump,” of sorts, these types of books, though informative, struggle to create genuine connections with readers. Julie urges business owners to consider their lows when writing a book, and to not be afraid of sharing these honest experiences with their readers.

Another hot ticket issue for self-published writers is pricing their books. For this, Julie has an easy question writers should ask themselves. It’s simple: which do you value more, a .99 cent book or a $20 book? When determining a price for your book, you need to consider it’s value. If you’re including a lot of great advice and first-hand experience, that needs to be reflected in the price.

Writing a book is a great way to gain authority in your industry. To Julie, books are more valuable than a business card or a website. They’re a physical, quantifiable testament to your achievement and understanding as a business owner. If you’ve been considering writing a book for your business, listen to the latest episode of the Garlic Marketing Podcast for more tips from Julie and I.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Julie’s incredible story of how she launched her first book and company
  • Tips for marketing books from pricing and creating audiobooks to placement and sales
  • Insight about Book Launching and the services they provide to clients

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