The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims

Steve Sims thanks his youthful delusion for his ability to ultimately launch a successful career in the VIP concierge business. After 24 years of building BlueFISH, he discusses the turbulent road that brought him here with Ian Garlic on this episode of The Garlic Marketing Show Podcast.

Sims is the kind of guy who skips the line at fancy nightclubs. He believes the most important tool a business owner can equip themselves with is the right mindset. He covers this in his successful book Bluefishing: the Art of Making Things Happen. There are no excuses, according to Sims, to failing to be successful. “I’m a bricklayer, slash doorman, slash never went to college kid,” he explains. It’s all about communication, confidence, and not accepting no for an answer.

His method is applicable to all industries. The first step to his art of making things happen is to simply act at all. “The fight’s not over when you fall down,” Sims says. “It’s when you stop getting up.”

Network Advantage

Sims never underestimates the power of networking. Research the people you want to communicate with, then think about what’s in it for them. If you don’t give actual value, you won’t see any results.

Communication is Key

The way we communicate is problematic, according to Sims. It’s easy to fail when using email, Twitter, or LinkedIn as the only way for building relationships. We need to refine these relationships with personal interactions and authentic value.

Too many people over analyze things and allow this to get in their way. To Sims, things are a lot more simple. Just taking small steps closer to your goals is an important step in creating true success. Ultimately, you need to focus on the difference between “rich” and “wealthy.” If you’re able to live comfortably and happily, you’re already “wealthy.”

Learn more about Steve Sims’ business techniques for making things happen and communicating effectively on The Garlic Marketing Show Podcast.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Embracing the value of client communication
  • Changing the way we communicate with clients
  • How to effectively advertise a brand with other forms of communication

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