Monetizing Your Passion: Insider Business Advice from Jon Manley

The Garlic Marketing Show podcast interviewed industry expert Jon Manley about how he utilizes his passion for helping others to drive his success. Manley is the Executive VP of Sales at GHA Technologies, one of the best technology solution providers in the country. At GHA Technologies, Manley helps over 200 B2B clients by providing quality service in a competitive market as well as managing 35 regional sales professionals. Manley shares insider business advice for monetizing your passion to build lasting relationships with clients.

You need the correct perspective.

The first step to success is assuming the right perspective. Too often, companies focus on themselves and not their audience. Websites are filled with information on the company’s individual success and statistics, but now how they can help their ideal client. Manley believes this is a big mistake.

If you want to attract clients for your company, you need to stop talking about yourself and your success. Instead, talk about the client. Research what is most important to them. Determine the way your personal expertise and services can benefit the client directly, rather than trying to sell them something. Just have a conversation as two individuals.

Sometimes, you have to succeed by failing.

Jon Manley didn’t stumble into his success overnight. He failed. A lot. Failing, he says, is key to gaining valuable insight and expertise no matter what industry your company is in. He doesn’t cite his “yes” moments for his success, rather his “no” moments.

The focus needs to shift from quotas and numbers to long-term success, happiness, and potential. Money has its limitations as a motivator, and it can lead to bad decisions down the line. Instead, prioritize relationships, happiness, and creating lasting value. While these things

are harder to quantize through graphs and figures, they lead to greater success for your business in the long run.

Position Yourself as an Expert

The best way to generate new leads and potential clients is through positioning yourself as an expert in your industry. When it comes to social selling, you need to separate yourself from the noise of other sellers by creating valuable content that educates. There are a variety of ways to create educational content for your audience such as blog posts, infographics, social media posts, and more.

Jon Manley argues that with the right passion and perspective, success comes naturally. Those looking for success should be willing to muddle through the failures and always learn from them. If your message is genuine and real, you will build valuable trust with your clients.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a long time industry pro or just getting started, the best way to network your company is by adding value and connecting with your audience. You can listen to Jon Manley’s full story and insider business advice in the latest episode of Garlic Marketing Show podcast hosted by Ian Garlic!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to reach your clients with a targeted audience
  • Social selling to your clients and how to build client relationships
  • Employing morale and goals to effectively create a successful marketing business

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