Staying Focused with CMO Liam Martin of Staff and Time Doctor

With the rise in popularity of remote work, Liam Martin saw a need for a time management solution. On The Garlic Marketing Podcast, Ian Garlic talks with Liam Martin, the founder and CMO of and Time Doctor. Both tools empower companies with time management tools to make the most of their time.

Liam Martin is in the unconventional position of having transitioned from Founder of his own company to Chief Marketing Officer. This, he says, is simply the best fit for his skills and abilities. When he got started marketing, his strategy involved little more than posting blog posts and engaging with other blogs. This gave him his first batch of customers, and it’s only gained momentum from there.

Content is Quality

Having quality content is one of the best ways to get noticed on the internet, Martin believes. He suggests if companies committed to publishing value-rich 3500-word articles every two days for a year, they would undoubtedly be successful. Companies fail when they’re unwilling to put in the necessary work themselves or hire someone to do it for them.

Measuring SEO

Nowadays, SEO is measured on a different scale. Comments, upvotes, and keyword loading no longer have a place in creating top search results. What matters more is how long people spend on your website or video, and the kind of value you provide your audience. If you’re able to create memorable, engaging content, you’ll get recognized.

Another way Martin engages new customers is through sharing success stories. He knows his productivity trackers can mean big results for his users, so these success stories are central to his marketing strategy.

Learn more about Liam Martin’s strategy for attracting new customers and crafting customer success stories in the latest episode of The Garlic Marketing Podcast.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to focus on the analytics on remote workers and teams
  • The benefits of using SEO to get the best results
  • The value of content and algorithms to create a successful business.

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