Facebook Updates and What They Mean for Marketers Featuring Amanda Bond

Amanda Bond is an expert on Facebook ads. This episode of the Garlic Marketing Show podcast goes in-depth about the best way to reach people on Facebook. Facebook always seems to be changing its algorithm, and it’s difficult to stay up to date on the best way to work on Facebook.

Despite these changes on Facebook, Bond encourages marketers to keep using Facebook to promote their business. The difference, she argues, is that now those will authentic marketing strategies built on engagement and user experience will actually be rewarded for their efforts.

Purpose of Facebook Ads

It’s important to remember that Facebook isn’t really a place for advertising. It’s a place for engaging and entertaining. Marketers who want to attract an audience need to know how to engage with their audience and make the conversation about the users.

Bond says Facebook marketing is a process. There is no secret formula or single strategy that will work perfectly every time. You need to analyze your own content to see if it’s successful. Is it engaging with your target audience? How can we understand our audience better? Then, you need to review what’s working to make actual positive changes.

Marketing Strategy

Boring schedulers and cookie-cutter marketing don’t work on Facebook. Bond suggests marketers adapt their plan to their audience and be flexible when making changes. She warns against marketers jumping from Facebook pages to Facebook groups. Instead, use the tools you already have to your advantage. Things like live broadcasts can increase community and boost engagement.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of ad strategy
  • Adapting to different Facebook platforms
  • Creating engagement with ads and pages

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