The Future of SEO: Thinking About More than Ranking with Sam McRoberts

Sam McRoberts uses his SEO skills to help well-known brands like Amazon get the most traffic. On this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Ian and his guest discuss the many ways marketers can use SEO to get free traffic.

Mobile Friendly

For 2018, McRoberts expects a lot of big SEO changes. First of all, there’s going to be a shift from desktop to mobile SEO focus. Now, Google is only going to score your mobile website for ranking, which means it’s more important now than ever to perfect your mobile-friendly website.

SEO is based on the user experience. Your homepage and website pages need to be designed with the viewer experience in mind. Everything needs to be sized for mobile responsiveness including photos and menu links. Your content needs to be quick and to the point!

RankBrain is the new way Google determines its ranking algorithm. This is a fluid machine which goes through all Google’s data to understand the best results for every history, location, and query. That’s why page ranking isn’t as strong of an indication nowadays. Instead of thinking of how well you rank, McRoberts urges marketers to analyze the success of their keywords.

SEO Tools

Important tools for SEO marketers include Google Search Console which lets you see and analyze traffic. It’s also vital to create the right type of content. If the top results for your specific keyword search are all videos, you need to have your own videos. Understanding the role your customer’s journey in your content strategy can make a big difference in your traffic.

Ultimately, McRoberts thinks marketers need to use empathy. Empathize with your potential audience to understand what they want from you. From there, you can create value that leads to a lasting relationship.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Find the keywords driving the most traffic
  • What RankBrain is and why you need to understand
  • His one ninja trick that can double your traffic in a few months (without writing more content)

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