The Psychology Behind Success by Marty Maddin

Marty Maddin, Leadership and Performance Coach for PEAK Performance uncovers the power of finding your agency when it comes to growing your business and yourself. Maddin’s psychology of success instructs business guru’s to optimize all the different facets of their lives to bring out the best in themselves, customers, and colleagues. He tells us to ask ourselves: are you investing in yourself as much as your investing in your business?

Maddin came from a family of attorneys where he was exposed to an ethical lifestyle. He had a passion for psychology and earned a psych degree. However, he followed the family line and received his law degree. Unfortunately, the longer Maddin practiced law, the more he saw his true beliefs slipping away from him.

Maddin used his knowledge of psychology to uncover the dynamics and mental-makeup behind success. He found the two pillars require personal and business mastery in order to grow your business without becoming burnt out.

The secret is working on yourself as you work on your business. The key players in the game of business are time and energy. By making time and energy your best friends, your brain can succeed creatively and collaboratively.

Cut Your Limiting Cord. Find Your Inner Greatness.

Maddin cut ties with the law and found his passion as a business development coach. He stayed true to his litigating roots of counseling and problem solving without enduring the mental and negative exhaustion. Living personally and professionally through leadership and mindset development gave him the ability to grab hold of all the different facets of his life that were important to him.

Mindset development lets you find what’s important to you without any limiting beliefs. This is when true innovation is made. No roadblocks. No negative thoughts in the way.

By throwing out your limiting beliefs you aren’t only loving yourself, but you’re also loving what you’re doing. Maddin reminds professionals to flip the switch from destructive criticism to constructive. With constructive criticism, we are able to fuel positive energy into our work, rather than onto it. Then, there is no time wasted on inefficiencies and we can maximize our inner greatness.

Work hard, but don’t make work hard.

In order to produce maximum results, it’s more than countless hours at your desk or skipping your lunch hour. He says to take control of your mental exhaustion and feed yourself with a new mindset.

To grow your business, it is vital to grow IN your business. There is no right way to be successful, but there is YOUR way. Find your way and thrive without going hungry. Invest in yourself by being your own motivational coach because no one is themselves when they’re hungry.

You’ve gotten a taste of the success, but don’t settle for just a snack. Bite into the rest of Marty Maddin’s psychology behind success, so you don’t leave your inner greatness growling!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Two pillars of business and personal mastery.
  • The importance of structuring your business
  • 3 biggest mistakes that people make

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