Find Easy, Hidden Revenue by Creating Online Courses the Right Way with Carrie Rose, CEO of Ofcourse

Dr. Carrie Rose, best selling author, course development expert & CEO of Ofcourse, is our special friend and super exclusive guest on this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show. Online courses aren’t just for college students anymore. Carrie has created thousands of courses for business professionals with expertise in all areas. Many professionals have expert knowledge over their craft but at a loss for teaching it. Carrie says her clients are brilliant entrepreneurs with amazing specialties but their delivery is all wrong. In comes Carrie Rose, the online course creator guru. Carrie swoops in and transforms their expertise into a course that’s actually teachable. Are you ready to share your expertise online and increase your authority? Don’t miss the ins and outs of creating courses to build authority and reach your target market with Dr. Carrie Rose!

Carrie’s Story

Before we dive into Carrie’s episode, we want to segway into Carrie’s personal story because we love a great story and Carrie’s is definitely worth sharing. Carrie suffered a traumatic event in early childhood which caused her to stop speaking from the time she was four until ten years old. She was dyslexic and went into the 5th grade without knowing how to read. This was until one teacher helped her, and soon Carrie scored one of the highest standardized test scores her school had ever seen in one year’s time. She realized teaching had a beautiful impact on people who were born for greatness but lacked the resources necessary. Now Carrie wants to help others with online courses who are in desperate need of the right tools to trigger their inner greatness.

3 Internet Marketers Walk Into a Bar

Jesse Jameson CEO at Social Media Pro, Tim Erway and Matt Crystal both Partners of Magnetic Sponsoring, LLC walked into a bar… and introduced Carrie to the world of online marketing.

Carrie started creating online courses and ended up transforming her business. If you’re looking to create a course here’s what you need:

  1. Expertise
  2. A successful business
  3. Authenticity
  4. NEW perspective
  5. Why someone should care

You may be the expert in your field, but why would someone care about your course? What additional information have you discovered that no one else has? Old habits die hard, not really… You need a NEW perspective that is innovative and creative to create a course that actually converts for you and your business.

So, let’s say you definitely have all five reasons to create an awesome online course. You may be asking yourself, where do I start? Learn more about how online courses are a $255 billion dollar industry and why businesses with an online course are more likely to sell 70% to existing customers. Look no further, Dr. Carrie Rose has come to the rescue on this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show! Don’t miss Carrie and how three internet marketers walked into a bar and transformed her mindset!

What You’ll Learn

  • The importance of faux copy
  • Steps to create an online course
  • Who Should be making courses
  • How to gain clients with courses
  • Researching your target market
  • How to create a focus question
  • Why you shouldn’t avoid bots

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