BombBomb’s Ethan Beute On How To Significantly Increase Email Engagement Using Video

In this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Ethan Beute of BombBomb joins us to talk about the growing importance of adding video to emails.

BombBomb is a unique company that specializes in helping business owners easily record and distribute videos through email, text and social media. As BombBomb’s chief evangelist and VP of marketing, Ethan has a lot to say about how much of a game changer videos are to email marketing.

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Elements of a Great Video

There are more than a few things you can do to really elevate the quality of the videos you produce for emails. Rather than creating a video that can be sent en-masse, personalize your videos for a specific recipient to more effectively communicate with your client. Ethan also recommends that you include a single line of text to drive a call to action. Don’t just send the video on its own.

“Rehumanizing” Customer Experience

Personalizing your videos for a specific client goes an extremely long way. It gives your message a new life, energy. If you think of sales as a transfer of emotion, like Ethan, then adding a human element to your videos greatly improves traffic to your CTA. Making people feel heard and seen can be the deciding factor if they do or don’t stick with you.

To Script, Or Not To Script

“Do not use scripts. It’s foolishness.”

Strong words from Ethan, but true ones at that. Don’t undercut most people, they can usually tell if you’re reading a script. It kills any chance of humanizing the customer experience. If you know who you’re reaching out to and why (which we highly recommend), then just talk to that person. Really capitalize on this opportunity.

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