How one Doctor Built a $200,000 A Month Healthcare Business in 6 months using Video and Facebook Ads

Dr. Scot Gray is using his marketing skills and ambition to build the life of his dreams. He began his career as a chiropractor, after a positive experience with one post-injury. Dr. Gray’s appreciation for chiropractors’ ability to heal the body without harsh medication or treatment, has become the foundation for his own practice.

Dr. Gray First Needed to SELL His Practice

Dr. Gray has always had a love of marketing, but he struggled to fit this passion with his desire to heal patients. In 2015, he realized he needed to lean away from his practice if he wanted to really pursue marketing. He’d seen firsthand how powerful digital marketing could be for healthcare practitioners and knew that he could help other healthcare providers reach the most patients.

Now, Dr. Gray is one of the leading stem cell marketing leaders in the country, and he sharpened his skills with advice from marketing leaders Ben Altodonna and Dan Kennedy. His proven methods help professionals overcome “bad leads” to create a strategy that converts.  

Obtaining New Patients Through Facebook Ads

Through Facebook leads, Dr. Gray generates $200,000 per month in his own healthcare practice! His hands-on experience as a chiropractor and seminar speaker has prepared him to overcome all challenges and empower others to follow his path.

Marketing Stem Cells in Unique Ways

Stem cell marketing might be the next big thing in healthcare, but Dr. Gray finds answers to marketing strategy by looking in the past. Walt Disney wasn’t afraid to be in the marketplace. He listened to what his guests were saying, and he learned from their thoughts. Similarly, Steve Jobs would spend time at the Apple Store to gauge what the marketplace was doing and saying.

Improving Medical Practice Marketing ROI by being in Practice

The most successful marketers are in the marketplace themselves. That’s why doctors make the best marketers for their own business. Dr. Gray knows the objections and the challenges many in his field face, and it’s this insight that makes him successful.

Customer case stories, patient case stories, are powerful for this exact reason. It’s marketing, but more than that it’s storytelling, from one patient to another. These Dynamic Case Stories overcome potential objections and build trust, both are important for healthcare providers.

The Secret to Quickly Growing a Medical Practice Through Online Video

So how does Dr. Gray sell $200,000 a month in stem cell treatments? He calls it the Infusion Method. It’s simple. He finds people who might need stem cells, contacts them, educates them, and closes the sale. He’s used a lot of different ways to find stem cell patients locally, including Facebook, radio, data drops, and mailing lists. By far, his biggest source of leads is Facebook.

Making Facebook Ads Work Using Videos of Customer Stories

For Facebook, he relies mainly on videos like case stories that drive to a landing page. He also films his seminars to show on Facebook to educate audiences. He honed his speaking skills through Michael and Amy Port’s Heroic Public Speaking program, and now he knows how to speak to his ideal patient.

Stem cells change lives, and that drives Dr. Gray to keep pushing the boundaries of his marketing. His experience as a chiropractor motivates him to heal patients’ pain. Now, he empowers doctors around the nation to grow their practice and by doing so, help more patients.

Are you ready to take your healthcare practice to the next level? Listen to the full episode today to hear how Dr. Scot Gray transformed his business into an automated patient generator, why stem cells are changing the future of healthcare and how medical professionals can help others by learning how to market their practice.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The value of personal investment in marketing
  • Keys to be a successful marketing expert
  • DCS and how have they been extremely beneficial in promoting stem cells
  • The power of stem cells (3 big things they do)

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