Becoming a Trusted Advisor with Jay Fiset

Trusted Advisor

Jay Fiset is an entrepreneur and joint venture maven. He stumbled into the world of internet marketing and joint ventures several years ago and hasn’t looked back since. On this episode of The Garlic Marketing Show, Jay Fiset shares how he’s grown his business from the ground up and how he builds trust with his clients.

Using real-life examples, Fiset shares the importance of being a trusted advisor. It’s not just about selling to your audience, it’s about educating your audience. That means knowing how to add value to your business through joint ventures. A joint venture is when your business partners with any other business to increase success.

Joint Ventures

A lot of business owners fall into the belief that joint ventures will only harm their business. Why share the success you’ve worked so hard for with a different business? The opposite is true! Having a joint venture means increasing success and also increasing trust with your audience!

A joint venture allows you to share leads with other reputable companies and building a foundation for education with your potential customers. This also means more referrals for your business! Create clear processes, structure, and tools connecting your joint ventures to make it easy to share and promote success.

In the age of digital marketing, joint ventures are really the way of the future. No matter what your business is, you can benefit from a joint venture with other businesses. Fiset experienced the value of high-quality partnerships firsthand, and he encourages other business owners to explore this option for themselves!

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What You’ll Learn:

  • The Value of Being a Trusted Advisor
  • How Joint Ventures Benefits a Business
  • The Power of Forming Partnerships

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