Morning Marketing Mindsets | Week 3

This week our overall theme will concentrate on the Abundance Mindset.

There are more than 6 billion people in the world and you may only need 60 new clients. When you start applying this idea to your business decisions it is easy to see what you can accomplish by providing value to people.

Do you know who your ideal client is? Many of us know but are too afraid to miss out on a new client. When we apply the Abundance Mindset the decision is clear.

The thought of helping your competition may seem like a bad idea. You may think you will lose business but remember your abundance mindset. Everyone wants something different and some people you thought were your competition may not be.

No business owner wants to lose business, but not being afraid of losing is very important. There is an abundance of information out there that is available to everyone. If you sit on your ideas you will lose to the person giving that information away.

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Jody Layne: How to Double Your Email List with Zero Ad Spend

Every business owner wants more leads, but are you spending too much time focusing on list building? Have you forgotten about your warm market? If you are not marketing to your warm market you are leaving money on the table. Using referrals to generate leads is something you should be doing. Jody Layne built her […]

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Morning Marketing Mindsets | Week 02

Thomas DeLauer joins Ian Garlic for this weeks Morning Marketing Mindsets.
This episode they discuss shifting the paradigm of success and share the best mentalities to surpass a one track mind.

Being afraid is a natural mindset. So, how do you harness the fear?
Thomas and Ian discuss embracing the fear and share perceptions that will help you neutralize and grasp the fear.

How do you move into a state of flow of creativity from a typical goal oriented mentality. Thomas shares tips to get into a creative state even when it isn’t appealing.

When things done work in marketing it’s painful, change your mentality and surpass the pain. Thomas introduces a technique to change the route of your current situations through kinesthetic awareness.
This is a mindset that you should always keep in your back pocket!

What’s your slight improvement?
Marketing is like the gym, you don’t always want to do it and sometimes it may be downright ugly. But, we push through.
Every day we should make slight improvements, you can’t wait to feel just right for it… Push past your limits and watch your improvements stack up.

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Ryan Deiss: Big Advice The Danger of Logical Lies and 80 Percent Projects

If you had the opportunity to sit down with one of the top small business marketers, what would you ask? What questions would you have on growth, conversions and traffic? Ryan Deiss is the co-founder and CEO of In the past 12 years he’s invested over $50 million into marketing test, sent over a […]

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Morning Marketing Mindsets | Week 01

The one thing you need to be working on all the time to be successful personally and in business is your mindsets. When it comes to marketing, the majority of our problems come from thought problems or mindset errors; some of them are hard grained into us and others are absorbed. These errors are stopping you from connecting with and providing value to the people you are trying to reach.

If you want to be successful in ways you haven’t been before, you’ll have to change something you’ve never changed before; you’ll have to think different ways. This is why we started something new to help you train your mindsets.

Every weekday you’ll get a step by step daily practice to improve and train your mindsets. Improve your life, lower your stress, gain perspective on your marketing, make faster decisions and help you to enjoy every day more.

This week our overall theme will concentrate on the Marathon Mindset.

Marketing is a process, running your business is a marathon; it is not a sprint, it is a journey.

Pain VS. Discomfort during a marathon.

Push through discomfort and find ways to enjoy it. Think about where have you been, what you have and embrace the potential of a new journey.

When you run a marathon, it’s often a lonely thing.

No one can actually pick you up, but people can support you. Finding support and accepting support can be difficult for leaders when they feel their journey is only their own. We encourage you to accept support, improve your mindsets and admit when you are having a hard time.

In a marathon you should both run and walk.

Marketing takes a lot of mental effort, we push and push for more and when results aren’t immediate we often times stop; we burn out and don’t make it to the end. Getting into a rhythm, run then walk, pace it out, you can go for a long time. When running a business you only see the end results of others, not how they got there.

Pace yourself for the marathon ahead and success will happen.


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10 Systems You Need to Build a World-Class Video Agency in 2016

As a business owner you want to grow your business fast and make more money. One  common problem business owners face is a lack of effective systems. After reading this you will learn the 10 systems you can implement to grow your business faster and with less headaches. Let’s get started. 1. Discovery If you […]

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I Give You Permission to Fail feat. Heather Ann Havenwood

What would you do if you had permission to fail? Most people are afraid to fail and that in itself prevents them from starting anything. We have an idea and look for justification before beginning when we should really just start somewhere and figure out the rest later. Heather Ann Havenwood knows a thing or […]

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